Changed and Changing

อาจารย์ อมโร

Changed and Changing

Now it is morning again and, after grey skies in Tromsø, like yesterday it is bright above and sparkling on the water.

There is a mellow mood amongst us six – a feeling of re-entering that other world and a drainedness, after the peak of our Svalbard days. When we crossed the Arctic Circle after breakfast today, there was no impulse amongst us to do more than look out of the windows above the stern, at the globe set on a small islet to our starboard side.

The Journey has evolved from: the naming of the quest; the going forth; the reaching of the goal and initiation; now we are on the phase of the return – going home to rocky Ithaca, changed and changing in many ways.

This reflection by Ajahn Amaro is from the book, The Hush at the End of the World, (pdf) p. 63.