With Eyes Closed


With Eyes Closed

Someone once asked Ajaan Mun: “What books do forest meditation monks study?”

His reply was: “They study with eyes closed, but mind awake.” As soon as I awaken in the morning, my eyes are bombarded by forms; so, I investigate the contact between eye and form. My ears are struck by sounds, my nose by aromas, and my tongue by flavors; my body senses hot and cold, hard and soft, while my heart is assailed by thoughts and emotions.

I investigate all these things constantly. In that way, each of my sense faculties becomes a teacher; and I am learning Dhamma the whole day without a break. It’s up to me which sense faculty I choose to focus on. As soon as I’m focused, I try to penetrate to the truth of it.

That’s how Ajaan Mun taught me to meditate.

This reflection by Mae Chee Kaew is from the book, Mae Chee Kaew, p. 237.