Tudong Progress (June 28)

Tudong Progress (June 28)

Our two monks on tudong (‘wandering’) are making their way North up the coast towards the Pacific Hermitage. Here are their latest messages:

(June 16) “We followed the Coast Trail (CT) from Klamath to Enders Beach and camped. Walked 3 miles on beach into Crescent City. The CT is an excellent alternative to 101, goes all the way up Oregon Coast.”

(June 17) “We are currently staying on Reservation land, South bank of the Smith River. The Native Americans here are impressed with our life and what we are doing, and are keen to look after us.”

(June 18) “We walked a gruelling 14 miles from Smith River to Brookings, OR. Got to Brookings just before midday and attempted to stand for almsfood at a gas station… the manager came out and asked us to leave. It was starting to rain. We gave up hope of getting food, then Tonya, who has a connection with Shasta Abbey, spotted us on the road, took us to a restaurant and quickly got us a meal.

She then introduced us to her friends at a local Reiki / Taroh reading shop, and they put us up for the night in a large apartment above the shop. Out of the rain.

Tudong is amazing, and absolutely everything is uncertain.”

(June 21) “Yesterday we walked north from Gold Beach, OR. We parted ways with Kidd and Amy, some of our newest friends, then it was long walk and we only stopped to camp after 9pm, just off the side of 101. This morning we got up and walked again, knowing we probably would not get to Port Orford in time for almsround. We were hoping someone would stop and give us a ride, but no one did, so day 21 of the walk has the distinction of being the first day we have gone without food.

After a midday sit down at Humbug Mountain campground, we trudged on. About 3 miles before Port Orford a man stopped and gave us a ride to a small forest resort in Port Orford. Now, once again, we are extremely well looked after.”

(June 24) “By way of some uncanny timing and circumstaces, Tan Thitabho and I are staying at my uncle’s house in Langlois, OR, out of the rain. It has been great to reconnect with my dad’s brother and his wife, and also to have a full day of much needed rest and recovery.”

(June 28) “We walked from Coos Bay towards a small town called Lakeside. Got picked up by two very kind locals, Carl and River, who took us to a nearby campground and paid for the campsite.

The ranger lady at the campground offered us firewood in the evening, then breakfast the next morning. We continued walking to Winchester Bay, where a local bought some sandwiches and fruit for us. Met and talked to more good people. Then we walked past Reedsport and got spotted by Tan Saddhammo and his parents, driving north on 101… How unexpected! They took us to Florence and got us a room at the Best Western there.”