Upāsika Day and Ordination

Upāsika Day and Ordination

Upcoming Events at Abhayagiri:

Saturday, June 15 - Upāsika Day: “Devotion and Ritual: A Monastic’s Life.”

An exploration of various ceremonies and activities specific to the monastics’ way of life and how they apply in lay life.

The day will include topics such as a monk’s confession of offenses and the Patimokkha (the fortnightly recitation of the monks’ 227 precepts) and how it informs the monks’ daily life; and “Korwat”: various duties and protocols of the monastery that inform our practices of mindfulness, service, hospitality, and generosity.

The ceremony of Asking for Forgiveness will be discussed in relation to the teachings on Forgiveness and Reconciliation.

There will be audio-visual aids and demonstration of some of the ways monastics care for their requisites.


10:30 am Precepts,

11:00 am Meal offering,

1:00 - 4:30 pm Teachings and Discussion

4:30 pm Informal Tea

All are welcome.

Sunday, June 16 - Ordination Ceremony of Samanera Sudhīro.

All are welcome to attend the formal ceremony in which the novice Sudhīro will enter the monastic Sangha. The ceremony will take place at the recently improved ordination platform area. The ceremony will begin at 4:00 pm at the platform. Please arrive early as vehicles will begin taking people up the hill at 3:30 pm.