More Than Mindfulness


More Than Mindfulness

This collection of teachings is offered as an introduction to the breadth and depth of mindfulness and Dhamma practice. It was compiled by Beth Steff and it is dedicated with respect and gratitude, to Luang Por Pasanno on January 4, 2024, to honor the 50th anniversary of his bhikkhu ordination.

More than Mindfulness features Dhamma reflections from various teachers who have lived at or visited Abhayagiri Monastery including: Luang Por Sumedho, Luang Por Pasanno, Ajahn Amaro, Ajahn Vīradhammo, Ajahn Sucitto, Ajahn Jayasaro, and Ajahn Sundarā.

In the Foreword Luang Por Pasanno writes:

Hopefully, this book will expand the reader’s focus to further understand and integrate the way of practice that the Buddha laid down and give people the opportunity to appreciate how this path of integrity, clarity and discernment works to free the human heart from its entanglements.

From the Preface by Beth Steff:

Mindfulness has made its way into many aspects of Western life. Many people benefit from bringing more presence and focus to their lives. Many of the Buddha’s wise teachings show us that there is more than mindfulness. The Buddha taught that mindfulness is one factor within groups of factors. One group of factors constitutes the profound Noble Eightfold path; the path that needs to be developed to liberate the heart. The factors work together as a team and do not stand alone…

This small collection of teachings may serve as an introduction to the breadth and depth of mindfulness and Dhamma practice. The wise teachers are some of those who are residents or who visited Abhayagiri Monastery over the years I lived there. My hope is that a topic, a teacher, or a paragraph, may touch you, may encourage you, may arouse a curiosity to explore further. I offer it with a heart imbued with gratitude for all I have been fortunate to receive in the Ajahn Chah lineage, and for the kindness and support of many friends.