The Fount of Our Awakening

อัยยา เมธานันทิ

The Fount of Our Awakening

In the small silent oasis of one moment, practise turning inward for rest and refuge.

Realizing how the events of life harden our attitudes and thoughts, tend to your emotional baggage and discard assumptions that have exceeded their expiry date.

Receive all the guests – even the poisonous feelings of disappointment or outrage – with courage, curiosity, and fresh awareness. Gradually they will change or fall away – for that is their nature.

We mature with each moment of compassion and forgiveness towards ourselves and others – because we have let go. We have given the guests of the mind all the space they need, here and now – trusting enough to feel authentically what we have been denying for years.

This true connection to the present moment reclaims the energy dissipated in our pursuit of worldly happiness. Now it is ours to tap, and it becomes for us the very fount of our awakening.

This reflection by Ayyā Medhānandī is from the book, Gone Forth, Going Beyond, (pdf) pp. 34-35.