Out of Proportion

Jaturun Siripongs

Out of Proportion

So often we make something huge out of a simple problem, and blow it out of all proportion. How many of our difficulties start with one tiny misunderstanding: someone didn’t give us their usual smile today, our teacher gave us a stern look or our best friend criticized us; this morning’s cup of coffee was not so tasty; our mood was a bit cranky…that’s all it takes to ruin our whole day!…

How tragic this all is! For misunderstanding brings with it endless complications: hope and fear, despair and even suicide. WE make ourselves suffer, and WE create problems for ourselves which are ABSOLUTELY unnecessary. It’s that simple–all we have to do is realize it.

When you do eventually see the truth of just HOW unnecessary it is, your heart wants to burst with compassion for anyone who is suffering in this way. And yet at the same time you begin to appreciate the absurdity of it all.

This reflection by “Jay” Siripongs is from the book, The Last Breath, (pdf) pp. 40-41.