Words of Wisdom 1


Words of Wisdom 1

“All that I have said up to now has merely been words. When people come to see me, I have to say something. But it is best not to speak about these matters too much. Better to begin practice without delay. I am like a good friend inviting you to go somewhere. Do not hesitate, just get going. You won’t regret it.”

§ One day a young woman was sitting in meditation with Ajaan Fuang and everything seemed to go well. Her mind was clear and relaxed, and she could contemplate the elements in her body as he told her, step by step, with no problem at all. But the next day, nothing went right. After the session was over, he asked her, “How did it go today?”

She answered, “Yesterday I felt as if I were smart, today I feel like I’m stupid.”

So he asked her further, “Are the smart person and the stupid person the same person or not?”

These reflections by Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Fuang are from the books, No Ajahn Chah, p. 221 and Awareness Itself, p. 33, respectively.