Real, But Not for Real

พระอาจารย์ดูลย์ อตุโล

Real, But Not for Real

It’s normal that when people practicing concentration start getting results, they can have their doubts about what they’ve experienced—for example, when they experience conflicting visions or start seeing parts of their own bodies. Many people came to Luang Pu, asking him to resolve their doubts or to give them advice on how to continue with their practice. And a lot of people would come to say that when meditating they saw hell or heaven or heavenly mansions, or else a Buddha image inside their body. “Was what I saw real?” they would ask.

Luang Pu would respond,

“The vision you saw was real, but what you saw in the vision wasn’t.”

This reflection by Ajaan Dune is from the book, Gifts He Left Behind, p. 6.