Monks to Start Visiting Three Jewels in Fort Bragg

Monks to Start Visiting Three Jewels in Fort Bragg

Senior monks from Abhayagiri will start visiting Three Jewels in Fort Bragg at the end of April to provide teachings and be available on some Monday nights starting May 1st. This will also sometimes include being available around the meal time on some Sundays and Mondays. The founder of Three Jewels, Cindy “Mettika” Hoffman passed away last year. Mettika was a dear friend of Abhayagiri and the primary teacher at Three Jewels until her passing. Mettika spent her final weeks at a care facility in the nearby town of Ukiah, which allowed the monastic community to visit her many times. Mettika’s life and her peacefulness during her final weeks were an inspiration to the Abhayagiri community. Mettika has left the Three Jewels property including its lovely Dhamma Hall to the Abhayagiri sangha allowing the possibility of a small branch monastery in Fort Bragg.

Monday evening programs at the Three Jewels Dhamma Hall
Monday evenings that a senior monk will be available: May 1, 15, 29 June 12, 26, July 10 and every Monday evening after July 10

5:30pm - Tea time in the main house - An opportunity for informal conversation and questions and answers with a monk and other practitioners
7pm - Evening Program in the Dhamma Hall - Thirty minutes of meditation, offering of Dhamma reflections and an opportunity for questions and comments

All are welcome to participate in the tea time or the evening program.

Meal offerings at Three Jewels
Meal offerings are at 11am in the main house. Please arrive before 11am if you wish to participate in the meal offering. This traditionally includes bringing a dish to be offered to the monastics and shared with others.
Sundays - April 30, May 28, June 11, 25, July 16 and every Sunday after July 16
Mondays - May 1, 15, 29 June 12, 26, July 10 and every Monday after July 10

Ajahn Kassapo, Ajahn Thitapañño and Upāsika Kevin are planning to walk from Abhayagiri to Three Jewels at the end of June, arriving at Three Jewels by July 10. They are planning to be at Three Jewels through the vassa period of August, September and October.

If you have any questions about Three Jewels including these events please use this Abhayagiri Contact page and clearly state in your message that you are asking about Three Jewels. You can also use this contact form to request to be added to the Three Jewels email list:

For current information about Three Jewels including directions, please see this page on the Abhayagiri website: