First Tuesday Teaching with Luang Por Pasanno

Dear Friends: Tomorrow is our April First Tuesday event. Ajahn Pasanno will lead the teatime Q&A from 5:00-6:30pm (Pacific). Zoom Meeting ID: 955 3599 3351 Passcode: 20210406 (waiting room will be on) All are welcome to join. However, we will take the following precautions to prevent disruptions to the session. DO NOT share the meeting ID on social media or any public forum (F…


Winter Retreat Teachings Will Be Posted Regularly

Although the Abhayagiri monastic community is undergoing a period of retreat, the monastery is still regularly posting teachings online, including morning readings from the Winter Retreat. On most days during the retreat, a senior monastic will give a Dhamma reflection or reading before the meal. This year, video recordings of those sessions will be posted to the Abhayagiri YouTube channel at 5 AM…


Stillness Flowing Audiobook Released

Dear Dhamma Companions, The Stillness Flowing Audiobook has finally been released. You may access it here. May this serve as a gift of Dhamma on the 29th anniversary of Luang Por Chah’s passing. Although the annual Wat Nong Pah Pong celebration of Luang Por Chah’s passing has been cancelled this year, we can use resources such as this to stay connected to the tradition, even though we aren’t able…

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Where There Is No Self

Ajahn Sumedho

There’s a certain level of consciousness in all life, in the fact that there is receptivity to the environment; and trees are very receptive to the environment they are in. One begins to change the perception of mind to one of a consciousness that pervades everything. Then it’s not just a human mind; there’s something more to it. But in Buddhism it is never named; you never try to form a concept about it. Instead you contemplate the totality, the whole sensitivity, the sensory realm and what it is really about. And this we have to contemplate from our own ability to be conscious and to feel bu…

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Baseline Samadhi

Ajahn Ñāniko

Ajahn Ñāṇiko describes baseline samadhi as developing mindfulness of feelings, moods and thoughts with more distance and clarity. We see their impermanent nature and they don’t have the same power as before. This talk was offered on April 5, 2021 at Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery.

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