September 25th Lunar Observance Day Puja Canceled

On September 25th the community of Abhayagiri will host the annual Buddhist Bicycle Pilgrimage. In order to accomodate the event, our usual evening puja and Dhamma talk will be canceled. Our ordinary observance schedule will resume the following week on October 3rd.


Abhayagiri Annual Retreat - Registration Open

Dear Dhamma friends, This year the Abhayagiri Annual Retreat (formerly known as the Thanksgiving Retreat) will be held online via Zoom from November 6 to 12. Registration is now open. Luang Por Pasanno and Ajahn Karunadhammo will be away from the monastery during this time, so the retreat will be hosted by the newer generation of Abhayagiri Ajahns. That being said, the retreat will be online so ou…

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Ajahn Sundara

The agenda of ‘self’ and the agenda of enlightenment are very different. As we develop our meditation and interest in the Dhamma, we keep bumping into the resistances of self. It would be nice to be enlightened and free, and as meditators and dhamma practitioners we put a lot of energy into this. But at the same time we can feel bewildered because there is also a lot of resistance, a lot of forgetfulness, a lot of not wanting to be enlightened, free and happy. Trying to measure progress in dependence on our notions of worldly success is very frustrating for the ego because when we get better a…

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Short Term Pleasure, Long Term Pain

Tan Sudhiro

Tan Sudhiro discusses how sensuality and delight in the world may produce fleeting pleasure, but then results in longing and more suffering over time. This talk was offered on September 18, 2022.

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