Monks to Start Visiting Three Jewels in Fort Bragg

Senior monks from Abhayagiri will start visiting Three Jewels in Fort Bragg at the end of April to provide teachings and be available on some Monday nights starting May 1st. This will also sometimes include being available around the meal time on some Sundays and Mondays. The founder of Three Jewels, Cindy “Mettika” Hoffman passed away last year. Mettika was a dear friend of Abhayagiri and the pri…

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A Special Approach to Spiritual Investigation

Ajahn Thiradhammo

…The view which emerged from the Upanishads, the late Vedic literature, was that the goal of spiritual practice was the union of the individual essence (ātman) with the universal essence (Brahman) achieved through various practices, e.g. spiritual study, austerities, yoga, etc. Most spiritual seekers in 6th century BCE India were on a quest to directly experience the supreme individual essence of ‘ātman’. The Buddha-to-be himself ardently sought to achieve this through the established spiritual exercises of concentration meditation and then austerities for six long years. However, he was dissa…

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Missing the Truth

Ajahn Pasanno

Luang Por Pasanno reflects on the simplicity of the Dhamma and how it is often overlooked. This talk was offered on May 27 , 2023 at Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery.

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