1st Tuesday of December

Dear Friends: On December 5th, the Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery’s First Tuesday program will feature three sessions, including an online-only Q&A with Ajahn Nyaniko. The online-only Q&A will be available to all, but primarily intended for those living out of the area or unable to travel to Berkeley. It will be followed by in-person sessions led by Ajahn Karunadhammo. The programs in Berkeley will…


Mindfulness of Breathing Practice & Study Day on Dec. 9

There will be another Practice and Study on Mindfulness of Breathing on Saturday, December 9 at Abhayagiri. The theme is Mindfulness of Breathing: Strategies for Settling the Mind. The primary teachers will be Ajahn Karunadhammo and Ajahn Nyaniko. This event is freely offered for the general public and no registration is required. There will be teachings offered and also time for meditation and fo…


Ajahn Pasanno Question and Story Archive

In honor of Luang Por Pasanno having completed his 50th Rains Retreat as bhikkhu, we are pleased to announce the Ajahn Pasanno Question and Story Archive. What is the Ajahn Pasanno Question and Story Archive? If you have a Dhamma question, it’s likely that Ajahn Pasanno has spoken to it in the past. But how will you find his answer amidst the hours of available recordings? This archive is an attem…

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What Is Happiness?

Ṭhānissaro Bhikkhu

First, though, it’s good to think about happiness. What is happiness? The Pali term sukha has a wide range of meanings. It starts with basic pleasure and ease and works up to well-being and bliss. But it’s one of those terms that the Buddha never defines. Lots of other terms he defines very precisely, but some of the really basic terms—mind/citta, happiness/sukha, and stress/dukkha—never get defined. The teaching is basically about training the mind to end stress and find true happiness, but of these terms, only “training” is defined. In the case of happiness and stress, he gives examples but…

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Easy to Say, Hard to Do

Ajahn Sudhiro

Ajahn Sudhiro reflects on the simplicity of the Buddha’s teaching, and how difficult it really is to put it into practice. This Dhamma talk was offered on December 5, 2023 at Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery.

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