Luang Por Sumedho - Final Public Teaching at Abhayagiri

Dear Dhamma Friends, Luang Por Sumedho will be giving one more public Dhamma teaching at Abhayagiri on the 4th of July, at 3:00pm (Pacific Time). You are welcome to join us for this auspicious day. The teaching will also be livestreamed on our YouTube channel. Following the talk will be an opportunity to take formal leave of Luang Por Sumedho before he embarks on the next leg of his 2022 American…


Luang Por Pasanno & Ajahn Nyaniko Visit Suddhavari Monastery in Brazil

A new associated monastery in the Ajahn Chah tradition has been started in Brazil. It is the first of its kind in South America and was established with the encouragement and blessing of Luang Por Liem, the present abbot of Ajahn Chah’s original monastery, Wat Pah Pong in Ubon province, Thailand. Luang Por Liem visited Suddhavāri in 2017 and considered the place suitable for a forest monastery, le…


Welcoming the Green Buddha and Celebration of Luang Por Chah's Birthday

On Saturday, June 18th, Abhayagiri will have a celebration welcoming the Green Buddha and celebrating Luang Por Chah’s birthday. The Green Buddha arrived this spring from Thailand. The schedule for the day is: 10:45am Meal offering 11:00am Meal 1:00pm Meditation 1:30pm Paritta Chanting 2:00pm Dhamma Talk The regular Saturday night program will begin at 7pm.


Luang Por Sumedho to Offer Dhamma Talks at Abhayagiri

UPDATE as of 6/23/2022: Luang Por Sumedho’s final talk at Abhayagiri has been canceled. Luang Por Sumedho is offering two Dhamma reflections at Abhayagiri during June. The time and date of these two talks is 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time on June 7 and 14. The talks are also livestreamed on Abhayagiri’s YouTube channel. All are welcome to attend this event. However, please note that there is not any overn…

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What is the Purpose?

Ajahn Sumedho

In our practice we need to learn what right effort is in contrast to just will power. In Thailand the attitude is always to sleep little, speak little, eat little. This has quite a strong influence on one’s mind. It sets in motion the idea of pushing and striving. But it also tends to create a kind of mental state that is very suppressive. One isn’t really aware of what one is doing. A lot of people get so tired and exhausted their reflective capacities don’t operate any more. In a group there’s a lot of pressure to conform and to keep up. People don’t always notice and observe these things. I…

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