Livestream of Retreat Teachings

The Annual Abhayagiri Thanksgiving retreat begins on November 6. Those who have not registered via Zoom, may still view the events in bold via the Abhayagiri YouTube Channel. Schedule for the Retreat November 6: 7:00 pm Opening Session (Livestream) DAILY SCHEDULE November 7 - 11 5:00 am Morning Chanting and Meditation 6:30 am Work Meditation and Breakfast 8:30 am Dhamma Reflection (Livestream) Not…


Thanksgiving Retreat 2022 - Registration Closed

Dear Dhamma Friends, Registration is now closed for the Thanksgiving Retreat. If you haven’t registered, you may still visit Abhayagiri’s YouTube channel to access the teachings as they happen.


Meal Offering is Now at 10:45am

Please note that due to the change from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time the Abhayagiri meal offering is currently at 10:45 am. This new meal time will remain in effect through the fall and winter.


From Ajahn Nyaniko - Gratitude for This Year's Kathina

Dear Dhamma Friends, I’d like to take this opportunity to express gratitude for how the 2022 Abhayagiri Kathina came together. We had so much help, both from within our monastic community to outside the community. People helped with the parking, the preparing of cloth offerings, preparing food, and setting up the Dhamma Hall to make this an extra special occasion. Luang Por Viradhammo and Ajahn Su…

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Practicing: Calligraphy and More…

Ajahn Sucitto

Working on the micro-level of balance, I decided to practise calligraphy. Externally, it’s a way of presenting wise sayings succinctly in a way that does justice to their meaning. It’s perfected by balancing script with empty white space. (For Dhamma sayings, one needs a lot of empty space.) It’s also lightweight and portable – a few nibs, a couple of bottles of ink, paper. Years ago, George Sharp, who was a professional illustrator, noticed some of my sketches and cartoons and gave me a calligraphy pen; and for my own amusement as well as to produce a presentation of the First Sermon that wou…

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Ajahn Ñāniko

Ajahn Ñāniko reflects on the development of perseverance in the practice. This talk was offered on November 19, 2022 at Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery.

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