Online Thanksgiving Retreat - Registration Open - Daily Schedule

Dear Abhayagiri Community, This year’s Thanksgiving Retreat will be held from November 20-29 online via Zoom and YouTube livestream. Registration is still open - Ends November 9th Here is what registering entails: Those registered will be asked to commit to the entire retreat. If you register, you will receive a Zoom login ID and password via email a few days before the retreat opens. There will b…


Appreciation for Kathina 2020 at Abhayagiri

For eight days in early October, the lay community gathered at Abhayagiri both in person and virtually to celebrate the completion of the Rains retreat. This carried on the Kathina tradition that has taken place since the time of the Buddha. During this period there were offerings of cloth, food, and supplies that will be useful for the coming year. Some of the offered cloth was then cut, sewn and…


Online Dhamma Talks Given by Luang Por Pasanno, Ajahn Amaro and Bhikkhu Bodhi

Dharma College is hosting a series of online Wisdom talks with Luang Por Pasanno, Ajahn Amaro and Bhikkhu Bodhi. First talk: Living with Wisdom in our Daily Life and how to distinguish between mind and wisdom? Venerable Ajahn Amaro (October 17th, Saturday 10 am-12 pm). Second talk: Deconstructing Our Human Experience from a Buddhist Perspective: A Pathway to Liberation and Inner Freedom (November…


COVID-19 Precautions - Update August 26, 2020

Abhayagiri is currently open for limited access to the general public. In addition to live streaming Abhayagiri’s evening pujas and Dhamma talks, it is possible for those who wish to visit Abhayagiri but the following health and safety guidelines must be followed. Visitors may go into the Free Distribution Book Room and the Restrooms but should otherwise not enter any of the buildings. When there…

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Facilitating Harmony

Ajahn Pasanno

In several suttas, the Buddha points to cāga as a quality that facilitates harmony. Cāga is an interesting word. It means giving or sharing and also giving up. It’s not only the quality of generosity, but also the ability to give up our fears, views, and opinions—things that end up creating moods and feelings of disharmony. Another quality the Buddha points to that facilitates harmony is piyavācā—endearing, timely, and kindly speech. We use piyavācā in all our interactions, such as when we express our wishes, needs, and requests. With piyavācā, it is said, our speech will be “loved by…

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Ten Perceptions

Ajahn Pasanno

Ajahn Pasanno reflects on Anguttara Nikaya 10.60 - Girimananda Sutta: To Girimananda “Ānanda, if you go to the monk Girimānanda and tell him ten perceptions, it’s possible that when he hears the ten perceptions his disease may be allayed. Which ten?…” Sutta available here: https://www.dhammatalks.or…

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