Abhayagiri Kathina 2021

Update - As of 10/8/2021 - Registration for in person attendance is no longer available. If you did not make the Kathina registration, but still wish to visit, please visit outside of the dates November 2nd to 7th. We apologize that there is only limited space this year due to the current health and safety precautions required. (Original Announcement) Abhayagiri’s kathina ceremony this year will b…


Insight Santa Cruz Daylong Retreat

Ajahn Ñāṇiko will be leading a daylong retreat hosted by Insight Santa Cruz on Saturday, October 2nd. Retreatants can attend via Zoom or by watching the livestream on the Abhayagiri YouTube page. The retreat will include chanting, sitting and walking meditation, and the monastic meal blessing. There will also be Dhamma reflection and question and answer session with Ajahn Ñāṇiko. The event listing…

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Learning the Pause

Ajahn Sucitto

The significant point is that when you can’t get what you want, your underlying tendencies to get exasperated or feel let down come up – and they then interpret the situation as ‘lazy disorganized people’ or ‘no one considers my feelings’. Actually there are generally a number of causes as to why things don’t go my way — the Buddha just called it ‘dukkha’ – but the immediate reaction and interpretation are an indication of tendencies in one’s own mind. So just to pause at that point – reactions are normal, but we can read them, learn what they are, and that they take us into suffering. We don’…

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Clinging is the Problem

Ajahn Kassapo

Ajahn Kassapo discusses craving and identifying with the aggregates as the causes of suffering. This talk was offered on October 9, 2021 at Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery.

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