Winter Retreat Begins on January 2nd

The monastery will enter the three-month annual winter retreat on January 2, 2023 and resume the normal routines on April 1st. During this time, the winter retreat the resident community takes time to engage in more formal meditation practice following a changing schedule of group and individual practice. During the winter retreat there will be no overnight guests. To schedule overnight visits aft…


Abhayagiri 2022: Newsletter and Photo Gallery

Abhayagiri 2022 Photo Gallery A photo gallery of the past year is now available on the Abhayagiri website: From the Monastery - Abhayagiri 2022 Abhayagiri fully reopened in spring 2022, allowing many the opportunity to visit again in person. People have now been able to reconnect in various ways such as participating in the evening chanting, meditation and Dhamma…


Bhikkhu Ordination Dec. 4, 2022

On December 4th Sāmaṇeras Tejasāro, Obhāsī and Sivako will take bhikkhu ordination as a group of three. This event is open to the public. The ordination will also be live-streamed on our Youtube Channel


Livestream of Retreat Teachings

The Annual Abhayagiri Thanksgiving retreat begins on November 6. Those who have not registered via Zoom, may still view the events in bold via the Abhayagiri YouTube Channel. Schedule for the Retreat November 6: 7:00 pm Opening Session (Livestream) DAILY SCHEDULE November 7 - 11 5:00 am Morning Chanting and Meditation 6:30 am Work Meditation and Breakfast 8:30 am Dhamma Reflection (Livestream) Not…

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There Are Always Choices

Ajahn Achalo

There is a lot of social conditioning in the modern world encouraging us to be confident and assertive in expressing our irritation or disappointment. Not necessarily aggressive, but assertive, so as not to suppress negative emotions. This can be helpful at times. If we find ourselves in an abusive situation, it can be very useful to learn how to set a firm and skilful boundary. But it is powerful in a different way if we can simply see our anger and aversion as a non-personal quality that will arise and cease of its own accord if we simply don’t attach to it. One healthy way to engage with av…

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Don't Chase the Bliss

Ajahn Cunda

Ajahn Cunda reflects on practicing with what’s in front of you, staying with difficult mind states, and not chasing bliss in meditation. This talk was offered on January 21, 2023 at Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery.

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