Practice & Study Day on June 1st

There will be a Practice and Study on the theme of Mindfulness of Breathing on Saturday, June 1st at Abhayagiri. This day of practice commemorates the 28th Anniversary of Abhayagiri. There will also be reflections on the contemplation of death. The teachers are Luang Por Pasanno, Ajahn Karunadhammo and Ajahn Nyaniko. This event is freely offered for the general public and no registration is requir…


Ajahn Jayasaro to Visit Abhayagiri

Ajahn Jayasaro will be arriving at Abhayagiri on April 24 and departing on April 29. On Saturday, April 27, Ajahn Jayasaro will be offering teachings both after the meal and in the evening time. Please note that on Friday, April 26, Ajahn Jayasaro will be having the meal at Three Jewels branch monastery in Fort Bragg. Ajahn Jayasaro (Shaun Michael Chiverton) was born on the Isle of Wight, England…


Songkran and Upasampada on Sunday, April 14

On Sunday, April 14, the Abhayagiri community will be celebrating the traditional Thai New Year known as Songkran as well as an upasampada (bhikkhu ordination). Schedule: 10:30am - Arrival time - Please aim to arrive by 10:30am 11am - Offering the meal and meal blessing After meal clean-up there will be a traditional Songkran hand washing ceremony 2pm - Bhikkhu ordination of Sāmaṇera Hemako The bh…

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Slowing Down the Busy Mind

Ajahn Pasanno

[From a Morning Reflection, June 2013] Even when we live in a monastery, the mind tends toward busyness and proliferation. This is a natural habit of the human mind. We can make ourselves conscious of that—not through a force of will, trying to squelch or annihilate it—but through understanding the mind’s natural habits and the tendencies we carry with us. We can work with them in a skillful way. For instance, the mind tends toward speeding up and gaining momentum. When that happens, we can consciously slow down and pay attention. Sometimes this means physically slowing down, not to the point…

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