Not-Self: Not Taking Ourselves Personally: A Spirit Rock Daylong led by Ajahn Karunadhammo

On April 6th Ajahn Karunadhammo will lead a daylong at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA. The daylong will be from 9:00am to 4:30pm. The theme is Not-Self: Not Taking Ourselves Personally: Liberation won’t be found in trying to create the perfect personality, because it isn’t the personality that realizes liberation. Using the Buddha’s teachings on Not-Self as a contemplative strategy,…


Gratitude from Luang Por Pasanno

The date of my 50th ordination was on January 4 this year with many, many people coming to the monastery to offer their respects and appreciation. I was deeply touched by that day. Part of the ceremony was an offering of resolutions or determinations that people made as a vehicle for strengthening their own practice, and also to dedicate blessings for me. Since that day I have been reading them an…


Winter Retreat at Abhayagiri

The monastery entered the three-month annual winter retreat on January 4, 2024. During this time, the resident community takes time to engage in more formal meditation practice following a changing schedule of group and individual practice. We will resume the normal routines on April 3rd. During the winter retreat there will be no overnight guests. To schedule overnight visits after April 1st, ple…

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The Friendship of Communion

Ajahn Sucitto

As for the fundamental nature of our need for help: life is difficult, and we realize sooner or later that we’re all vulnerable, subject to illness, subject to pain, and that we need other people’s involvement to keep going. We wouldn’t have got born or lived past the age of five without an enormous amount of help, and we wouldn’t have survived psychologically without about twenty years of encouragement, guidance, modelling and companionship. So becoming a whole human being takes group effort; you can’t do it on your own – it’s impossible. And you can’t continue on your own; every day you need…

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Reading: "The Simile Of The Saw" & Teachings By Ajahn Sumedho

Ajahn Sudhiro

Ajahn Sudhiro reads the “Kakacūpamasutta”, the Discourse of the Simile of the Saw” (Majjhima Nikaya 21) and teachings by Ajahn Sumedho. This reading was offered on February 16, 2024 at Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery.

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