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Tuesday, December 1 5pm - 6pm: First Tuesday Q&A Online, led by Luang Por Pasanno. This is offered on Zoom only. Zoom ID: 914 9862 6299 Passcode: 108 Saturday, December 5 1pm - 5pm: Online Upāsika Day This will be offered on Zoom and Abhayagiri’s YouTube livestream. The theme for this Online Upāsika Day is Kāyagatāsati, or Mindfulness of the Body. Zoom ID: 920 0658 7548 Passcode: ABM108## 1:00pm -…


UPDATE on 11/17 : New Info on Registration - Awaken to the New Year - Online Meditation Retreat with Luang Por Pasanno

Updated 11/17/2020 - Please note this new information for participants in North America. For those in American time zones interested to register for the retreat, please note that you are only required to attend the morning and evening chanting, Dhamma talk, and guided meditation sessions. Due to the time difference from Malaysia and Singapore, the other Zoom sessions of the retreat are not require…


Meal Time Change & Technical Difficulties With Website

Two Announcements from Abhayagiri : Please note that due to the change from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time on November 1st, the Abhayagiri mealtime is now 10:45 am. This new meal time will remain in effect through the fall and winter. Also, the website is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Until the problem is fixed, new talks will not be posted on the website. However, the lat…

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How Much Is Enough?

Ajahn Thiradhammo

Contentment and simplicity of life-style are universal aids to peace of mind, whether for a monastic or a lay person. The four basic supports for human life are food, clothing, shelter and medicine, and their purpose is to support our spiritual aspiration rather than to become self-satisfying ends in themselves. With few possessions to worry about and contentment with what we have, our life is uncluttered and unencumbered, so that our heart/mind can rise above the mundane concerns of the world as a bird flies aloft when it wishes. We then have more time and energy available for sustained spiri…

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Dare to Have a Sense of Ease

Ajahn Ñāniko

Ajahn Ñāṇiko reflects on the process of overcoming views and opinions (ditthi mana). This reflection was offered October 16, 2020 at Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery.

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