Spring Update from Abhayagiri

Spring Update from Abhayagiri

In early April, Abhayagiri transitioned from the annual winter retreat to its regular routine of daily community work periods and more engagement. Various spring work projects including removing tree debris from the snowfall during the winter and clearing the new Quadplex construction for fire prevention. The construction of the new Quadplex and Parami Kuti is mostly completed.

(The Quadplex nears completion. The Parami Kuti is located to the far left.)

On Sunday, April 11th, the monks began alms round again in Redwood Valley and in the nearby town of Ukiah. During the morning of lunar observance days, three monks walk in Ukiah, two in Redwood Valley and two more walk out the driveway of the monastery down Tomki Road. These alms rounds are planned to continue about once a week on the lunar observance days. Going on alms rounds to accept offerings of alms food is a daily custom in Theravada Buddhist countries.

(Three monks on alms round in Ukiah in 2014)

Abhayagiri is open to the general public. Throughout the winter retreat, day visitors participated in the meal offering. Visitors are also welcome to sit outside in the breezeway during evening chanting and meditation or to go in the Free Distribution Book Room or use the public restrooms. For more information on the current protocols and precautions, please see Current Guidelines for Visiting for the Day :

In addition, Abhayagiri is now accepting some overnight guests. If you would like to inquire about an overnight stay, please see this page :

Furthermore, Abhayagiri continues to livestream its evening pujas, most nights at 7PM PDT on the Abhayagiri YouTube Channel. This channel also has the 2021 Winter Retreat readings, under the heading The Life of the Buddha :

To listen to audio from this and other Abhayagiri Winter Retreats, please see this page :