Enhanced by Reduction

อาจารย์ สุจิตโต

Enhanced by Reduction

Quite a lot of Buddhist language is couched negatively: ‘refraining from’, ‘abstaining from’, ‘relinquishing’, ‘putting aside’, not because the aim is annihilation, but because there’s a recognition that when we clear away the clutter, a brightness comes through by itself.

We don’t have to create, believe or adopt anything. Much of our application and sense of ‘getting it right’ is established upon doing, building up, learning and adding another piece.

The idea that you could reduce and be enhanced by reduction is an immense act of faith for one who hasn’t experienced it. When you reduce the content, you feel better; when you reduce the amount, you feel better.

Imagine carrying that through to a global level with the consumer fever and just saying, ‘Simpler is better.’ It’s not just morally correct, it makes you feel better.

This reflection by Ajahn Sucitto is from the book, The Most Precious Gift, (pdf) p. 311.