What might I do...?

Ajahn Prateep

What might I do...?

“It has been about ten years since the time I last lived at Abhayagiri, but I always think about the Krooba Ajahn [Luang Por Pasanno], the monks and laypeople. Everyone is probably doing well, though the monastery has likely changed a lot.

Thinking about the time I spent at Abhayagiri, practicing with Luang Por Pasanno and the other monks, as well as the laypeople, I feel gratefully indebted to everyone and am always ready to repay your kindness in turn.

I am always thinking, ‘Even if I do not live there, what might I do that would be of some help or service to the monastery, the Krooba Ajahn, and the whole community, to the utmost of my ability?’”

This reflection by Phra Prateep N. is from a handwritten correspondence translated from the Thai by Tan Gambhīro, specifically offered by request for the occasion of Ajahn Prateep’s visit to Abhayagiri for the upcoming June Reception Hall Inauguration Unfortunately, the visa for Ajahn Prateep’s visit could not be obtained. Subsequently, he had to cancel his plans to visit. Hopefully, one day again, he will be at Abhayagiri…*