Winter Updates from Abhayagiri

Winter Updates from Abhayagiri

The Abhayagiri community has been appreciating the increased time for practice and study offered by the winter retreat. The community is doing well even amidst an unusually large amount of rain, snow and multiple power outages.

Winter Retreat Readings - Mindfulness of Dhammas: The Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness

The Dhamma theme for this winter retreat has been the fourth foundation of mindfulness: mindfulness of Dhammas. The winter retreat readings are being posted online here:

Luang Por Thai Dhamma Talks Available

Luang Por Pasanno and Ajahn Nyaniko both departed in December to spend time in Thailand, including participating in the inauguration of the new sima and uposatha hall at Wat Pah Nanachat. Luang Por offered 30 Dhamma talks during his time in Thailand. These Dhamma talks were primarily in Thai and can be downloaded from this page on the Abhayagiri website:

Ajahn Nyaniko is currently practicing in Bodh Gaya and plans to spend this spring in Thailand. He expects to return to Abhayagiri in early July. Luang Por returned to Abhayagiri at the end of January. Photos of their time in Thailand are below this article.

Songkran (Thai New Year) on April 15th

Abhayagiri will be celebrating Songkran (Thai New Year) on Saturday, April 15th. All are welcome to participate. The schedule for the day is:
10:30am - Arrival time - Please aim to arrive by 10:30am
11am - Offering the meal and meal blessing, followed by a ceremonial washing of Buddha Rupas
1pm - Gathering again for Songkran Ceremony

Opening to Guests in April

From April 1st onward, with the conclusion of the winter retreat, Abhayagiri will begin accepting reservations for overnight guests and will also resume the regular 5:30 pm teatime Q&A sessions with a senior monk in the Monks Dining Hall as well as various other teaching engagements.

Please see the Abhayagiri calendar for an updated list of events including the monthly 1st Tuesday Tea Time Question and Answer session.

Photos from Thailand

Ajahn Chah Memorial at Wat Pah Pong

Luang Por in front of the new Uposatha Hall

Luang Por Pasanno, Ajahn Nyaniko, Ajahn Kai, Tan Khantiko, Tan Tissaro and Tan Dhammavaro spent time travelling together within Thailand

Luang Por, Ajahn Nyaniko and Ajahn Kai doing a blessing

Luang Por on alms round at Wat Pah Nanachat

Monks and laity in front of Pilok Chedi, which was recently restored. Included in this photo are Luang Por Pasanno, Ajahn Jundee, Ajahn Siripañño, Ajahn Sek, Ajahn Nyaniko, Ajahn Kai, Tan Khantiko, Tan Tissaro and Tan Dhammavaro.