Meal Time is Now 10:45am

Meal Time is Now 10:45am

We would like to let everyone know that due to the change from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time on November 7th the Abhayagiri mealtime is now 10:45 am.

The general public is welcome to visit Abhayagiri for day visits. For information on the current health and safety guidelines please see below.

  • Day visitors are welcome to go into the Free Distribution Book Room and the Public Restrooms. A bit after 10:45am, there will be a blessing by the monastic community in the main Dhamma Hall. Day visitors are welcome to sit in the shaded breezeway just outside the Dhamma Hall. Visitors are also welcome to walk around the cloister and the monastery trails and also to sit in any of the outside areas. Day visitors are not allowed to enter inside any of the other buildings.

  • No registration is required before visiting for the day.

  • Offerings for Abhayagiri are welcome and should be left on the table outside the kitchen.

  • Visitors wishing to participate in evening puja and listen to evening Dhamma talks are welcome to sit outside the Dhamma Hall in chairs or on a cushion and mat.