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Abhayagiri 2014 Winter Retreat, Session 46: Maraṇussati: Keeping the End in MindAjahn Pasanno – Mar. 10, 2014

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1. Reading: Short recollection of Ajahn Chah from the talk “Life with Ajahn Chah” by Ajahn Anan. Read by Ajahn Ṭhitapañño.

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2. Reading: “Maraṇānussati – Keeping the End in Mind” from Seeking Buddho by Ajahn Anan pp. 69-74 and 91-92. Read by Ajahn Ṭhitapañño.

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3. Ajahn Anan's deference to Luang Por Chah. Recollection by Ajahn Jotipālo. [Ajahn Anan] [Ajahn Chah] [Respect for elders]

Response by Ajahn Pasanno.

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4. The trio of Ajahn Anan, Ajahn Dtun, and Ajahn Piak. [Ajahn Anan] [Ajahn Dtun] [Ajahn Piak] [Wat Pah Pong] [Spiritual friendship] [Ajahn Chah]

Quote: “Ajahn Dtun's path is the path of wisdom...Ajahn Piak is gifted in samādhi. And I have very strong faith.” — Ajahn Anan [Discernment] [Concentration] [Faith]

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5. “It seems unusual for a monk to talk about his meditative attainments. Is this unusual or frowned upon?” [Monastic life] [Stages of awakening]

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6. “Did Ajahn Piak and Ajahn Anan leave Wat Pah Pong together to found Wat Fah Krahm?” [Ajahn Piak] [Ajahn Anan] [Wat Pah Pong] [Wat Fah Krahm] // [Ajahn Dtun] [History/Thai Buddhism] [Sequence of training]

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7. “Is this the monastery near the airport?” [Wat Fah Krahm]

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8. “When Ajahn Anan left for Rayong, had Ajahn Dtun already left?” [Ajahn Anan] [Ajahn Dtun]

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9. “How long was Ajahn Anan at Wat Fah Krahm?” [Ajahn Anan] [Wat Fah Krahm]

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10. “How can we interest the mind in the recollection of death?” [Recollection/Death] [Desire] // [Mindfulness of breathing] [Sickness] [Death] [Poo Jum Gom] [Mindfulness of body] [Sense of urgency]

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11. “Is recollection of death useful for laypeople?” [Recollection/Death] [Lay life] // [Human]

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12. Comment by Ajahn Ñāṇiko: There is a belief that contemplating death can call death to you. [Recollection/Death] [Death] // [Fear]

Response by Ajahn Pasanno.

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13. “How do I keep the mind from proliferating about what happens after death?” [Recollection/Death] [Rebirth] [Proliferation] // [Progress of insight]

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14. “If you don't think you will reach Nibbāna in this life, did Ajahn Chah advise a place to aspire for rebirth in?” [Ajahn Anan] [Pure Land] [Ajahn Dtun] [Death] [Nibbāna] [Rebirth] [Buddha] [Ajahn Chah] // [Culture/Thailand] [Merit] [Fierce/direct teaching]

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15. Discussion about faith followers and Dhamma followers. [Stream entry] [Stages of awakening] [Death] [Sutta]

Response by Ajahn Pasanno. [Not-self] [Concentration] [Recollection/Death]

Reference: Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah, pp. 441-445: Ajahn Chah comes down Pu Pek Mountain and nothing is the same. [Ajahn Chah]

Response by Ajahn Cunda. [Ajahn Amaro]

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16. Comment: Comments about bringing death contemplation into the present moment. [Recollection/Death] [Present moment awareness] [Rebirth]

Response by Ajahn Pasanno. [Vajrayāna]

Abhayagiri 2014 Winter Retreat, Session 47: Meeting Ajahn ChahAjahn Pasanno – Mar. 11, 2014

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[Session] Reading: Reflections on meeting Ajahn Chah by Ajahn Boon Choo from Twigs and Branches of the Bodhinyana. Read by Ajahn Kovilo.

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1. “Did you live with Ajahn Mahā Som?” [Ajahn Pasanno]

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2. Story: Ajahn Somboon spends a vassa at Wat Pah Pong. Told by Ajahn Ñāṇiko and Ajahn Pasanno. [Ajahn Somboon] [Wat Pah Pong] // [Abbot] [Thai Ajahn Chah monasteries] [Ardency]

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3. “Which monastery is Wat Keun?” [Wat Keun] [Environment] // [Almsround]

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4. “What is the town across from Wat Keun?” [Wat Keun] // [Ajahn Puriso]

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5. “Did you think of relocating Wat Pah Nanachat to Wat Keun?” [Ajahn Pasanno] [Wat Pah Nanachat] [Wat Keun] // [Seclusion] [Ajahn Puriso] [Deva]

Story: Ajahn Chah asks Ajahn Pasanno to take over as abbot of Wat Pah Nanachat. [Ajahn Chah] [Abbot]

Story: Supporters offer Ajahn Pasanno several properties to start monasteries, but he passes them to others. [Generosity] [Culture/Natural environment] [Ajahn Gavesako] [Ajahn Liem] [Environment]

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6. “You were offered a cornfield in Ohio? What year was that?” [Generosity] [Ajahn Pasanno]

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7. “Do foreigners still go to Wat Keun?” [Wat Keun] [Ajahn Boon Choo] // [Personality] [Ajahn Liem] [Seclusion]

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8. “Did Ajahn Boon Choo go to Europe?” [Ajahn Boon Choo] // [Thai sects] [Personality]

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9. Story: After staying up two nights in a row, Ajahn Boon Choo nods in meditation then establishes samādhi and sits without moving. [Ajahn Boon Choo] [Sloth and torpor] [Devotion to wakefulness] [Concentration] // [Ajahn Kinaree] [Kaṭhina] [Wat Pah Pong]

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10. “Did Luang Por Liem ask Luang Por Boon Choo to stay back when Luang Por Chah became ill?” [Ajahn Liem] [Ajahn Boon Choo] [Wat Pah Pong] [Ajahn Chah] [Sickness] // [Wat Pahk Kut Wai] [Upasikā Kee Nanayon] [Geography/Thailand]

Story: Karaoke bars spring up around Wat Pahk Kut Wai. [Seclusion]

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11. Story: A Saṅgha meeting decides that Ajahn Boon Choo should look after Wat Keun. [Ajahn Boon Choo] [Wat Keun] [Ajahn Pasanno] [Saṅgha decision making] [Respect for elders] // [Ajahn Puriso] [Wat Pah Nanachat] [Wat Pah Pong]

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12. “If you had moved Wat Pah Nanachat to Wat Keun, would you have left Thailand?” [Wat Pah Nanachat] [Wat Keun] [Ajahn Pasanno]

Quote: “I had one plan and the devas had a different one.” [Deva]

Sutta: DN 16.6.15: Mahāparinibbāna Sutta [Buddha/Biography] [Great disciples]

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13. “What happened to Ajahn Puriso?” [Ajahn Puriso] [Disrobing] // [Translation] [Dhamma books] [P. A. Payutto]

Abhayagiri 2014 Winter Retreat, Session 48: Conversations with Ajahn PiakAjahn Pasanno – Mar. 12, 2104

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[Session] Reading: Ajahn Piak, selected conversations with Western monks from Krooba Ajahn. Read by Tan Pamutto.

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1. “Is it rare for someone to master samādhi before developing wisdom?” [Concentration] [Discernment] [Ajahn Piak]

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2. “Would you be willing to talk about the difference between mindfulness, bare knowing, and the one who knows?” [Mindfulness] [Direct experience] [Knowing itself] // [Buddha] [Clear comprehension] [Thai] [Discernment] [Ardency] [Seclusion] [Cessation of Suffering]

Sutta: MN 10: Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta

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3. “Could constant movement like Luang Por Teean's technique be useful for drowsiness?” [Sloth and torpor] [Ajahn Teean] [Movement meditation] // [Continuity of mindfulness]

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4. Ajahn Pasanno describes the meditation method he used during his first year as a monk. [Ajahn Pasanno] [Meditation/Techniques] // [Contact] [Feeling] [Movement meditation] [Concentration]

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5. Ajahn Jotipālo tells about Luang Por Teean's technique at Wat Pah Nanachat. [Ajahn Teean] [Movement meditation] [Wat Pah Nanachat]

Response by Ajahn Pasanno: "It isn't a method that's going to work. It's how you apply and use it and become skilled with it."

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6. “Could the Ajahn Teean technique work for restlessness?” [Ajahn Teean] [Movement meditation] [Restlessness and worry]

Quote: “There's no such thing as the Ajahn Chah method of meditation.” [Ajahn Chah] [Meditation/Techniques] [Right Effort] [Mindfulness of mind]

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7. “Did Ajahn Chah speak about paramī?” [Ajahn Chah] [Perfections] // [Culture/Thailand]

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8. Comments by Ajahn Jotipālo and Ajahn Pasanno about movement meditations. [Movement meditation] // [Continuity of mindfulness] [Mindfulness of breathing]

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9. “Did you use the method of balancing a needle between your thumbs?” [Ajahn Pasanno] [Meditation/Techniques]

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10. “What if your problem is restlessness?” [Restlessness and worry] // [Tranquility] [Mindfulness of breathing] [Energy]

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11. “What is a reasonable amount of time to try out a new method?” Answered by Ajahn Pasanno and Ajahn Jotipālo. [Ajahn Chah] [Meditation/Techniques] // [Personality] [Patience]

Abhayagiri 2014 Winter Retreat, Session 49: The Singular Quality of an Ordinary MonkAjahn Pasanno – Mar. 13, 2014

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[Session] Reading: Readings from the biography Luangpor Teean: The Singular Quality of an Ordinary Monk by Vatana Supromajakr, M.D.. Read by Tan Khemako.

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1. “Did Ajahn Teean learn his method from someone else?” [Ajahn Teean] [Movement meditation]

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2. “Did Ajahn Teean have contact with Ajahn Chah?” [Ajahn Teean] [Ajahn Chah] // [Ajahn Mun] [Geography/Thailand]

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3. “Does Luang Por Teean have disciples who are still alive?” [Ajahn Teean]

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4. “Questions about a translated book by a Luang Por Teean disciple.” [Ajahn Teean]

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5. “Do you know Venerable Nirodha who translated this book?” [Ajahn Teean] [Dhamma books] [Translation] [Ajahn Pasanno]

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6. “Why did older men ordain as pakows and follow Ajahn Chah on tudong?” [Older monks] [Postulants] [Ajahn Chah] [Tudong] // [Culture/Thailand] [Food] [Almsfood]

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7. “Is it common for older men to ordain?” [Older monks] // [Postulants] [Association with people of integrity]

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8. “How long would such pakows ordain?” [Older monks] [Postulants] // [Amaravati] [Dhammapala]

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9. “Was Luang Por Teean a forest teacher? Dhammayut or Mahanikai?” [Ajahn Teean] [Forest versus city monks] [Thai sects]

Abhayagiri 2014 Winter Retreat, Session 50: The Customs of the Noble OnesAjahn Pasanno – Mar. 14, 2014

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1. Reading: “The Customs of the Noble Ones” by Ajahn Ṭhānissaro. Read by Ajahn Pesalo.

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2. Reading: Recollections of Ajahn Tongrat by Ajahn Gi from Krooba Ajahn. Read by Ajahn Pesalo.

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3. “Who offered the second reading?” Answered by Ajahn Pesalo and Ajahn Pasanno. [Ajahn Gi] [Ajahn Tongrat] [Wat Pah Nanachat]

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4. “Did any Wat Pah Pong monks spend time with Luang Por Gi?” [Wat Pah Pong] [Ajahn Gi] // [Seclusion] [Ajahn Piak] [Ajahn Anek]

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5. “How much time did Ajahn Chah spend with Ajahn Tongrat?” [Ajahn Chah] [Ajahn Tongrat] // [Ajahn Jayasaro] [Tudong]

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6. Quote: “In the future, the forest monks will be like village monks, and the village monks will be like lay people.” — Ajahn Tongrat [Ajahn Tongrat] [Forest versus city monks] // [Ajahn Liem] [Wat Pah Pong]

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7. “Was there a time in Thailand when no one had any noble attainments?” Answered by Ajahn Pasanno, Ajahn Jotipālo and Ajahn Cunda. [History/Thai Buddhism] [Stages of awakening] // [Chao Khun Upāli] [Ajahn Jayasaro] [Media]

Story: Prince Mongkut ordains seven times. Told by Ajahn Pasanno. [Ajahn Vajirayan] [Ordination] [Doubt]

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8. “Are there any of Luang Por Tongrat's teachings available?” [Ajahn Tongrat] [Dhamma books] // [Ajahn Chah] [Ajahn Jayasaro]

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9. “Has the Ajahn Utane biography been translated into English?” [Ajahn Tongrat] [Translation] [Ajahn Utane] [Dhamma books]

Note: Ajahn Mudito translated Ajahn Utane's biography of Ajahn Tongrat into Portuguese in 2019. A machine translation from Portuguese to English is available on the internet.

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10. “Is Ajahn Utane's monastery the same as Ajahn Tongrat's?” [Ajahn Tongrat] [Ajahn Utane] // [Ajahn Liem] [Stupas/monuments]

Abhayagiri 2014 Winter Retreat, Session 51: Conversations with Ajahn WanchaiAjahn Pasanno – Mar. 17, 2014

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[Session] Reading: Ajahn Wanchai, questions and answers with the monks of Wat Pah Nanachat from Krooba Ajahn. Read by Ajahn Sudhīro.

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1. “Sometimes I will see a bit of greed come up, I apply an antidote, for example, if its craving, apply some asuba; but it seems to exacerbate it–do you have any encouragement or similes from Ajahn Chah?” [Unwholesome Roots] [Right Effort] [Meditation/Results] [Ajahn Chah] // [Investigation of states] [Patience]

Simile: Putting a tiger in a cage. [Similes] [Mindfulness] [Discernment]

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2. “The citta is sometimes defined as pure awareness, and it being in the fourth khanda, but it sounds like here he's talking about the activity of awareness?” [Heart/mind] [Knowing itself] [Volitional formations] // [Rebirth]

Quote: “There is that which is beyond birth and death. And then you start asking, 'Well, what is it and how is it? How should it be?' It's just the same as in the Sabbāsava Sutta (MN 2.7)...As soon as you get into conceiving, you've already started the process of dukkha.” [Unconditioned] [Proliferation] [Conceit] [Suffering]

Follow-up: “So is it better to hear what he said and let it go when I notice awareness that's good, but I don't have to make anything out of it?”

Quote: “The investigation is not a conceiving. The best investigation is when the mind is exceedingly still and not conceiving, not creating concepts.” [Discernment] [Concentration]

Follow-up: “So is it a realizing, not a conceiving?” [Knowledge and vision]

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3. “If you keep chipping away at a theme of contemplation, you keep doing it, doing it, and nothing is changing in your experience, at some stage you feel this isn't working, do you just have to move on and try something else? Is it the case that you just have to try them all? No-one can tell you which is going to work for you?” [Depression] [Recollection] // [Patience] [Spiritual friendship]

Story: Ajahn Wanchai has a spinal injury and is in chronic pain but doesn't refer to himself. Told by Ajahn Pasanno and Ajahn Ñāṇiko. [Ajahn Wanchai] [Suffering] [Sickness] [Pain] [Conceit]

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4. Comment: The story you told where a monk was punched, I really didn't see the point of that. [Ajahn Jia] [Admonishment/feedback] [Fierce/direct teaching]

Response by Ajahn Pasanno and Ajahn Cunda: Enlightened people still have personalities. [Cleanliness] [Liberation] [Personality] [Ajahn Tate] [Spiritual friendship] [Vinaya]

Quote: “Gold wrapped in a dirty rag.” — Ajahn Mahā Boowa describing Ajahn Jia. [Ajahn Mahā Boowa] [Similes]

Recollection: Ajahn Chah was always the center of attention. [Ajahn Chah] [Personal presence]

Story: Some monks go to spend Vassa with Ajahn Jia, but he leaves to take care of his teacher. Told by Ajahn Cunda. [Rains retreat] [Ajahn Khao]

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5. Comment: In the Thai Forest tradition there are some fierce teachers. In other Buddhist traditions the “don't question the guru” mentality seems to get way out of hand, but in Thailand that doesn't seem to happen so often. [Thai Forest Tradition] [Fierce/direct teaching] [Mentoring] [Ajahn Jia]

Response by Ajahn Pasanno: Well, they just leave. [Ajahn Chah] [Respect] [Culture/Thailand]

Comments by Ajahn Pesalo and Ajahn Pasanno about Ajahn Jia. [Faith] [Liberation] [Personality]

Comments by Ajahn Jotipālo and Ajahn Pasanno about avoiding both blind faith and badmouthing others. [Malicious speech] [Ajahn Mahā Boowa] [Kamma] [Ajahn Wanchai]

Abhayagiri 2014 Winter Retreat, Session 52: Toilets on the Path Part 1Ajahn Pasanno – Mar. 18, 2014

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[Session] Reading: “Toilets on the Path” from Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah, pp. 723-734. Read by Ajahn Suhajjo.

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1. Recollection: Saṅgha gatherings at Wat Pah Pong on Ajahn Chah's birthday. [Wat Pah Pong] [Saṅgha] [Ajahn Chah] // [Thai Ajahn Chah monasteries] [Protocols] [Meditation]

Recollection: Inspecting almsbowls after the meal to see if there was any food left. [Almsbowl] [Food]

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2. “Did I understand correctly, that this talk was originally given in Lao?” [Language] // [Ajahn Chah] [Thai] [Admonishment/feedback]

Story: Ajahn Pasanno translates the talk "Two Faces of Reality" for the book Bodhinyana. [Ajahn Pasanno] [Translation]

Story: Chao Khun Nor eats the same meal every day. [Chao Khun Nor] [Food] [Seclusion] [Pūjā]

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3. “In the reading, did it say that he [Chao Khun Nor] slept in a coffin?” [Chao Khun Nor] [Recollection/Death]

Download audio (1:43)
4. “Was your eight years living with novices like how it was described in this reading ['Toilets on the Path']?” [Ajahn Pasanno] [Novices] // [Thai]

Story: Ajahn Preecha comes to Wat Pah Pong at the age of 11 or 12. [Ajahn Preecha] [Postulants] [Ajahn Chah] [Wat Pah Pong]

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5. “Was there a cap, a certain number of novices allowed at the monastery at one time?” [Wat Pah Pong] [Novices] // [Ajahn Chah] [Thai Ajahn Chah monasteries]

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6. Comment: I got the impression from that introduction that the monastery was over-run with novices. [Wat Pah Pong] [Novices]

Response by Ajahn Pasanno. [Ajahn Chah] [Rains retreat]

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7. “How did Ajahn Chah communicate with his branch monasteries and how often?” [Ajahn Chah] [Thai Ajahn Chah monasteries] [Monastery organizational structure] // [Abbot] [Technology]

Story: Growth of Wat Pah Pong branch monasteries from 1975 to 1980. [Wat Pah Nanachat]

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8. Comment: Ajahn Chah probably wasn't a micro manager. [Ajahn Chah] [Abbot]

Response by Ajahn Pasanno.

Recollection: Ajahn Chah used the branch monasteries as part of the training of senior monks. [Thai Ajahn Chah monasteries] [Sequence of training]

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9. Discussion about the reality of dealing with training behaviors amongst a constantly changing population within the monastery. [Monastic life] [Protocols] [Cleanliness] // [Temporary ordination]

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10. “So they do temporary ordinations in Thailand?” [Culture/Thailand] [Temporary ordination] [Novices]

Follow-up: “What would be the duration, was there a range?” [Wat Pah Pong] [Ajahn Chah]

Story: Ajahn Chah ordains 80 temporary monks for his mother's funeral. [Family] [Death] [Funerals]

Follow-up: “Did they come in as anāgārikas or sāmaṇeras?” [Sequence of training] [Postulants]

Story: Ajahn Chah takes on temporary ordinations for three years.

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11. “Did they do temporary ordinations at Wat Pah Nanachat?” [Wat Pah Nanachat] [Temporary ordination] // [Novices] [Ajahn Kevali] [Mutual lay/Saṅgha support]

Story: Ajahn Siripañño's first ordination was as a temporary novice. [Ajahn Siripañño]

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12. “Was there a temporary ordination in England for Maurice Walsh?” [Maurice Walsh] [Temporary ordination] [Amaravati] // [Learning] [Older monks] [Ajahn Sumedho] [Pūjā]

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13. “How many other traditions in Thailand use the model of anagārika for one year and sāmaṇera for one year?” [Sequence of training] // [Ajahn Sanong] [Media]

Abhayagiri 2014 Winter Retreat, Session 53: Toilets on the Path Part 2Ajahn Pasanno – Mar. 19, 2014

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[Session] Reading: “Toilets on the Path” (continued) from Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah, pp. 734-745. Read by Tan Khantiko.

Download audio (2:57)
1. “When you were living with Ajahn Chah, were many of his talks more related to the Korwat or practical matters, as opposed to the High Dhamma?” [Ajahn Chah] [Ajahn Pasanno] [Teaching Dhamma] [Protocols] [Dhamma]

Quote: “There's not really a separation.” [Vinaya]

Comment: Ajahn Chah taught to the situation. Contributed by Ajahn Kaccāna. [Learning] [Sequence of training]

Response by Ajahn Pasanno. [Cessation of Suffering] [Practicing in accordance with Dhamma]

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2. “There were a number of different alms routes out of Wat Pah Pong. How was it decided who went on each one and how was the food distributed for the meal?” [Wat Pah Pong] [Almsround] [Almsfood] [Saṅgha decision making] // [Wat Pah Nanachat] [Ajahn Liem]

Discussion of almsfood distribution at different monasteries. Led by Ajahn Pasanno and Ajahn Pesalo. [Ajahn Tongrat] [Wat Pah Ban Tat]

Story: Ajahn Pasanno helped pass out food at Wat Pah Pong. [Ajahn Pasanno]

Story: Ajahn Tongrat exposes a monk concealing fish in his ball of sticky rice. [Food] [Admonishment/feedback]

Comments by Ajahn Pesalo and Ajahn Pasanno about food distribution at Wat Baan Tat. [Mutual lay/Saṅgha support]

Quote: “It's incredibly tiresome how organized we [Westerners] have to be....Organic spontaneity–that's how things work in Thailand.” [Culture/West] [Culture/Thailand]

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3. “At Wat Pah Pong there's a large mural of lay people eating, do you know where that came from or how long its been there?” [Wat Pah Pong] [Lay life] [Food] [Protocols]

Download audio (1:14)
4. “I have heard that the food would go into a big pot and get all mixed up. How often did that happen?” [Ajahn Chah] [Food] // [Abhayagiri] [Ajahn Sucitto]

Download audio (1:19)
5. Recollections: Deciding who went on the different alms routes at Wat Pah Pong. Recounted by Ajahn Ñāṇiko and Ajahn Pasanno. [Wat Pah Pong] [Almsround] // [Rains retreat]

Download audio (1:06)
6. “Did the alms routes stay the same over the years?” [Wat Pah Pong] [Almsround]

Download audio (1:16)
7. “Do you try to pass most of the houses in the village?” [Wat Pah Pong] [Almsround] // [Culture/Thailand] [Culture/West]

Download audio (1:37)
8. “You'd have one village supporting more than one monastery, is that right?” Answered by Ajahn Pasanno and Ajahn Ñāṇiko. [Almsround] // [Forest versus city monks] [Wat Pah Nanachat]

Download audio (1:42)
9. “How many villages are around Poo Jom Gom?” Answered by Ajahn Pasanno and Ajahn Ñāṇiko. [Poo Jum Gom] [Almsround]

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10. Comment by Ajahn Jotipālo: The cold season is over, so we've lost our Kaṭhina privileges. [Kaṭhina] [Vinaya]

Abhayagiri 2014 Winter Retreat, Session 54: SotāpattimaggaAjahn Pasanno – Mar. 21, 2014

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[Session] Readings from Sotāpattimagga by Ajahn Anan: “The Peaceful Heart Discovers the Truth” (partial), pp. 21-23; “When Calm Arises, Investigate the Body,” pp. 41-45; “When the Practice Declines,” pp. 68-70; “Nibbana is the Highest Happiness,” pp. 89-91. Read by Anagārika J.R..

Story: Ajahn Pasanno meets Ajahn Anan when Ajahn Anan was still a lay person. [Ajahn Pasanno] [Ajahn Anan]

Abhayagiri 2014 Winter Retreat, Session 55: Training under Ajahn ChahAjahn Pasanno – Mar. 25, 2014

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[Session] Reading: "Training under Ajahn Chah" by Ajahn Tong Jon from Twigs and Branches of the Bodhinyana. Read by Debbie Stamp. Translated by Ajahn Kovilo.

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1. “Are there any stories you can share from the times when you were attendant to Luang Por Chah?” [Ajahn Chah] [Ajahn Pasanno] [Upatakh] // [Teaching Dhamma] [Mentoring]

Quote: “I never asked him for anything. It never occured to me to ask Ajahn Chah for anything.” [Contentment]

Story: Ajahn Chah makes fun of Ajahn Pasanno's first Pāṭimokkha chanting. [Pāṭimokkha]

Quote: “He would be unrelenting if you were stuck in some aversion....He wouldn't indulge it. It was inevitably painful if one did.” [Aversion] [Fierce/direct teaching]

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2. “Were there any other ways in which he tormented you specifically?” [Ajahn Chah] [Ajahn Pasanno] [Fierce/direct teaching]

Story: Ajahn Chah won't let Ajahn Pasanno go to a branch monastery to escape the misery of the hot season. [Culture/Natural environment] [Work] [Thai Ajahn Chah monasteries] [Restlessness and worry] [Aversion]

Story: Ajahn Chah calls Ajahn Pasanno lazy. [Pūjā]

Quote: “Do you give up?” — Ajahn Chah to Ajahn Pasanno. [Vinaya] [Relinquishment]

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3. “Would Luang Por Chah teach or test monks and students in different ways?” [Ajahn Chah] [Mentoring] [Fierce/direct teaching]

Recollection: Joseph Kappel shakes with fear when on the receiving end of Ajahn Chah's admonishments. [Joseph Kappel] [Admonishment/feedback] [Fear]

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4. Recollections of Ajahn Chah charming people. [Ajahn Chah] [Personal presence]

Story: "I'll have her bowing before the end." — Ajahn Chah speaking of George Sharp's daughter who travelled with George to Thailand. [George Sharp] [Bowing]

Note: Compare to George Sharp's version in The Chithurst Story by George Sharp, p. 67.

Quote: “Thank you. That was the most delicious meal I've had here.” — Ajahn Chah to an anxious English donor. [Food] [Gratitude] [Culture/West] [Culture/Thailand]

Abhayagiri 2014 Winter Retreat, Session 56: The Beauty Comes from WithinAjahn Pasanno – Mar. 26, 2014

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1. Reading: “The Beauty Comes from Within” from Paying Our Last Respects in Commemoration of Ajahn Mahā Boowa, pp. 149-151. Read by Beth Steff.

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2. Reading: Unpublished talk given by Ajahn Liem at Abhayagiri in 2009. Read by Beth Steff.