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Monastic Dhamma teachings are usually distributed under the CC BY-NC-ND license to prevent modification and commercial use. Most of the recordings underlying the Archive are available outside the Archive for free distribution, but splitting the recordings into excerpts removes much of the context of the teachings. It’s important to reassure teachers that their recordings and transcripts won’t be reused in harmful or undesired ways.

We intend to make the Dhamma content of the Archive available for free distribution. However, since the CC BY-NC-ND license specifically allows users to reproduce material “in whole or in part,” we are concerned that this licence does not sufficiently preserve the context of the teachings.

We plan to finalize copyright and licensing details in the first or second monthly update of the Archive. For the time being, all newly created material in the project is:

© 2023 Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery.

You may copy material from the Archive for personal non-commercial use. All other rights reserved.