Gift to Ajahn Pasanno Sunday, Dec. 15

As a gift to our beloved teacher, the Abhayagiri community is improving the access trail to Ajahn Pasanno’s cabin. This improved access will be of great benefit to him. Most of the work is being completed by a mini-excavator, but we need assistance in hauling and spreading gravel for a good surface. Sunday, December 15, we plan to have an all-day work project to do the hauling and spreading of the gravel. There will be work suitable to those not 100% fit.

If you would like to join us, and make lots of merit in the process, you are welcome to come join us. There is no need to contact us in advance, but if you come for the morning work period please arrive in time for either the 7:00 am breakfast or the 7:30 am work meeting. If you come for the afternoon period only there will be a work meeting at 12:30 pm for the afternoon session.

We have been having a Saturday morning community work period but this all-day project supersedes project.

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