Ajahn Pasanno Question and Story Archive

Ajahn Pasanno Question and Story Archive

In honor of Luang Por Pasanno having completed his 50th Rains Retreat as bhikkhu, we are pleased to announce the Ajahn Pasanno Question and Story Archive.

What is the Ajahn Pasanno Question and Story Archive?
If you have a Dhamma question, it’s likely that Ajahn Pasanno has spoken to it in the past. But how will you find his answer amidst the hours of available recordings?

This archive is an attempt to make the oral teachings of Ajahn Pasanno more accessible. It contains transcriptions of questions asked and audio recordings of Ajahn Pasanno’s answers. The questions are organized by event and tagged by subject. The stories Ajahn Pasanno tells in the course of answering Dhamma questions are often as valuable as the questions themselves. Thus the archive has been expanded to include stories, quotes, readings, sutta references, and other content in addition to questions and answers. Ajahn Pasanno readily shares the teaching seat with other Abhayagiri residents and invited guests, and the archive includes material from those who teach alongside him.

The archive currently indexes recordings from roughly half of the events led by Ajahn Pasanno with recordings on abhayagiri.org. We hope to add more material on a monthly basis.

This archive has been created by one of Ajahn Pasanno’s grateful students with help from others.