The Island : Resources and Translations Now Available

The Island : Resources and Translations Now Available

During their time as co-abbots of Abhayagiri, Ajahn Pasanno and Ajahn Amaro collaborated to publish The Island : An Anthology of the Buddha’s Teachings on Nibbāna. Many people have appreciated The Island and we would like to let people know about the following resources and translations that have become available since it was first published.

Spanish Translation
La Isla - Una antología de las enseñanzas del Buda sobre Nibbāna -

German Translation
Die Insel - Eine Anthologie der Lehren des Buddha über Nibbana -

As for the original English translation, we still have many print copies available. In addition, the electronic version may be downloaded via this page on the books sections of the Abhayagiri website:

Readings from the Island by Ajahn Amaro
During Amaravati’s Monastery 2017 Winter Retreat, Ajahn Amaro read passages from The Island. After reading from The Island, Ajahn Amaro also provided added details, explanations, and stories as well as answers to questions.

Those recordings can be found at this section of the Amaravati website:

Study Guide for The Island
This study guide was created by Christine Johnson. Christine led a group based in Tucson, Arizona through a course on The Island, using the study guide. The format for this course was that prior to meetings, participants were expected to read the appropriate chapter and then listen to Ajahn Amaro’s commentary ( Thereafter, participants completed the study guide addressing points both from The Island and Ajahn Amaro’s audio commentary and then met together via Zoom.

The study guide can be downloaded via this link - The Island Study Guide