Updated on May 28 : Abhayagiri 25th Anniversary Retreats, June 9 to 17th : Note : It is now possible to attend in person for more than one day.

Updated on May 28 : Abhayagiri 25th Anniversary Retreats, June 9 to 17th : Note : It is now possible to attend in person for more than one day.

Dear Dhamma friends,

For the last year during the pandemic, Abhayagiri Monastery’s gatherings took a different form of limited gatherings over a number of days. In July of 2020 for Luang Por Pasanno’s 71st birthday, for example, some of the faithful lay supporters hosted “9 Days of Dāna” where a limited number of 20 pre-registered people could offer food and requisites to the Sangha. The goodness of this action was then dedicated to Luang Por on the occasion of his birthday. In the same spirit we had a “7 Days of Kathina Dāna” last October and “5 Days of Dāna” to celebrate the Thai New Year in April this year.

This gave rise to the “9 Days of Dhamma” idea, to celebrate three auspicious occasions: The 25th anniversary of the opening of Abhayagiri (June 1st), Luang Por Chah’s birthday (June 17th), and Luang Por Pasanno’s 72nd birthday (July 26th). As Luang Por Pasanno plans to spend this coming vassa at Pacific Hermitage in White Salmon, Washington, it seems good to roll all these things together into one event.

The “9 Days of Dhamma” will be 9 one-day meditation retreats in the monastery, back-to-back from June 9-17. The theme is “25 Years of Abhayagiri: Honoring Our Teachers”.


Attending In Person
Registration is required and is limited to 20 persons per day. It is possible to sign-up for more than one day. The retreat will be outside the Dhamma Hall in a covered breezeway - Covid Guidelines will apply. Please wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Please Note; In-person registration for June 17th is not included because that day will be a bhikkhu ordination and the schedule will be a bit different.

When you register to attend in person, please try to arrive at the monastery shortly before 8:30am. It is recommended to bring some food to add to the buffet table, to ease the burden of the kitchen cooking for everyone.
To attend in person REGISTER HERE

Attending By Zoom

If you aren’t able to make it to the monastery in person, you may register to view the 9 day event live streamed via Zoom. After registering to attend by zoom you will receive retreat details and the zoom link.
To attend by zoom REGISTER HERE

For questions contact Kathy, retreatmanager.kathy@gmail.com


8:30am Welcome / Pay Respects / Determination of 5 Precepts
8:45am Guided Meditation and Dhamma Instruction
9:30am Walking Meditation
10:15am Sitting Meditation
11:00am Meal Offering
Have meal and break
1:00pm Dhamma Talk
2:00pm Walking Meditation
2:45pm Sitting Meditation
3:30pm 15 Minute Break
3:45pm Q&A
4:30pm Sharing of Merit / End

The schedule is subject to change as the 9 days of practice evolves.

We look forward to spending the Nine Days of Dhamma together with you as a community and in celebration of these three auspicious occasions.