Upcoming Online Teachings

Upcoming Online Teachings

Tuesday, December 1
5pm - 6pm: First Tuesday Q&A Online, led by Luang Por Pasanno.
This is offered on Zoom only.

Zoom ID: 914 9862 6299
Passcode: 108

Saturday, December 5
1pm - 5pm: Online Upāsika Day
This will be offered on Zoom and Abhayagiri’s YouTube livestream.
The theme for this Online Upāsika Day is Kāyagatāsati, or Mindfulness of the Body.

Zoom ID: 920 0658 7548
Passcode: ABM108##

1:00pm - Introduction, taking of the five precepts.
1:15pm - Guided meditation.
2:00pm - Sutta reading and commentary.
2:45pm - 15 minute break.
3:00pm - Guided meditation.
3:30pm - Q&A.
4:30pm - Meditation followed by closing chant.

Suggested Study
Kāyagatāsati Sutta - Majjhima Nikāya 119
32 Body Parts Contemplation Website
Aṅguttara Nikāya Book of the Threes - Sutta 39

End of Year Online Retreats
December 23-26: Online retreat taught by Luang Por Viradhammo
December 31 - January 3: Online retreat taught by Luang Por Pasanno
Both of these retreats are hosted by groups in Singapore and Malaysia. Please check the Bandar Utama Buddhist Society website for information about registering for these retreats.