New Reception Hall Building

New Reception Hall Building

This year Abhayagiri is planning the construction of a new Reception Hall building that will include a Dhamma Hall, large kitchen and food storage room, library, laundry, bathroom, children’s room, meeting room, storage and more. This building is the largest construction project Abhayagiri has taken on to date, and has been in planning for many years.

Abhayagiri is currently functioning with the original Dhamma Hall and main building/kitchen which were present when the monastery was first established in 1996, and have had various additions and remodels made to support the continual growth of the monastery. The Dhamma Hall was converted from a garage, and the main building, where the kitchen, library, and some guest amenities reside, was originally a small bungalow house.

As the community at Abhayagiri has grown, we have done our best to make use of these buildings, and they have served well, but the monastery is now in a position where it has outgrown these buildings. The Dhamma Hall is crowded with visitors on a weekly basis, and for special events and festival days it is unable to accommodate the large numbers of people. The monastery has also outgrown the kitchen and food storage facilities. It is difficult for more than a few people to work in the kitchen with enough space to prepare the meals, and the food storage is crowded and difficult to organize. These are some of the reasons for the construction of the new building, and we expect it to provide many benefits on into the future.

We are hoping to begin construction later this year depending on the completion and approval of plans, as well as funds available.

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