Okay To Visit the Monastery (Was Do Not Visit the Monastery)

Okay To Visit the Monastery (Was Do Not Visit the Monastery)

[Update - October 26, 2017] Abhayagiri Monastery is now open to the public. The following article has been kept for reference.

Please do not visit the monastery at this time.

If you haven’t heard the good news yet, as of Tuesday, October 17, the Abhayagiri community will be returning to the monastery property. However, the monastery is not yet open to public.

There are a number of checkpoints along the roads inside Redwood Valley and the law enforcement officials will turn away any non-residents. In addition, the area is still fairly dangerous, e.g., the air quality is poor, some areas are still smoldering, etc.

When Abhayagiri is ready to receive visitors, and the area is deemed safe, we will post an announcement on our website.

Supporting the Monastery

[UPDATE - October 22, 2017] This article originally suggested that those who wished to support the monastery could do so by sending a gift card from a nearby grocery store. The response was overwhelming and, at present, the gift cards we have received are sufficient for our needs.. The Abhayagiri community is deeply appreciative and we would like to share our gratitude for people’s generosity.