Bhikkhu and Sāmaņera Ordinations on Sunday, June 5th

Bhikkhu and Sāmaņera Ordinations on Sunday, June 5th

Sunday, June 5th: Ordination Ceremony for Sāmaṇera Kondañño, Sāmaṇera Jāgaro and Anagārika Armand.

All are welcome to attend the formal ceremony in which the Sāmaṇera Kondañño and Sāmaṇera Jāgaro will enter the monastic Saṅgha as bhikkhus and Anagārika Armand will take the brown robes of a novice. The ceremony will take place at the ordination platform. We plan to hold the ceremony around 1 pm.

Please see our calendar for more details.

(Historical) Saturday, May 7th: Triple Anagārika Ceremony for Jeff, Dorian and Hector

In place of the usual Saturday night talk, long-term residents Jeff, Dorian, and Hector will take on the . You are welcome to join them for the beginning of their monastic training and hear Ajahn Pasanno’s advice for those embarking on the monastic adventure.

Puja will begin as usual at 7:30 pm, followed by the ceremony around 8:30-8:45 pm.