In Our Daily Lives

Ajahn Sundara

In Our Daily Lives

The Buddha shows us the path to the Deathless. But how does that relate to my daily life in the kitchen with my kids and my dog?

Well, check out the mind when it’s not clinging: when you are relaxed, not wanting anything, not going anywhere, not wanting to become something, in a moment of profound relaxation, in the now. How does it feel to be in the moment?

Check out the peace that is there when the mind is not sticking, clinging or wanting. It is worth noting that peace when it is there. In fact, a primary aspect of meditation is learning to see when the mind is clinging, grasping and holding onto things and when the mind is not doing that.

We have to really feel this more than anything, just go to the feeling of it. That is one of the beautiful things about Ajahn Sumedho’s teaching – vipassanā practice is not just for when we are sitting on a cushion or on a three week retreat in the Himalayas, but actually when we are at the workplace, in the kitchen, where there are a lot of people with madness all around.

The practice isn’t just about being in a peaceful, cosy situation. In fact the mind will learn a lot more when it’s not in comfort and not in control.

This reflection by Ajahn Sundara is from the book, Seeds Of Dhamma, (pdf) pp. 38-39.