Mundane Right View

Ajahn Pasanno

Mundane Right View

The worldly, mundane aspect of Right View involves a clear understanding of cause and effect: whatever causes we put in, results will follow.

It states that there are results of good or wholesome causes and of bad and unwholesome ones, that there’s this life and rebirth into another life, and that this life is not a one-shot deal where we are born, die, and are annihilated without rhyme or reason to any of it. That life is a random, one-shot deal is not the Buddhist perspective.

An understanding of kamma, the fruit of kamma, and rebirth is a key component of the worldly, mundane aspects of Right View that the Buddha taught.

Other aspects of mundane Right View include faith that there are beings toward whom we have a particular affinity, including parents and teachers, and faith that there are beings who have been able to free and purify themselves—in other words, that liberation is possible.

The mundane aspect of Right View is important to take on and consider. No one is required to accept it without questioning, but take it as a perspective, recognize the implications of it, and see if it has any relevance.

This reflection by Luang Por Pasanno is from the book, Don’t Hold Back, (pdf) pp. 92-93.