Ethics, Kindness, and Wisdom

Ajahn Sucitto

Ethics, Kindness, and Wisdom

Generosity is the easiest and happiest way to enter the experience of mutuality. It defies the logic of greed by accessing the happiness of the heart when it is bringing forth rather than holding on.

Morality is the principle of acknowledging that others count as much as I do. It grants respect for self and others, and the qualities of a mind that has no deceit, vindictiveness or remorse show us that something valuable arises when we value others.

Renunciation is the process of separating wants from needs. Wants will always increase, but as you give careful attention to the destructive influence of craving and clinging, and the calm of letting go, your material needs come down to food, shelter, clothes and health care; if your ethical standards are such that you live in a trusting and sharing relationship with others, those needs can be met.

For one who meditates as well, the process of clearing the internal environment will result in ease, joy and friendliness: enough to make life rich. As we can all produce ethics, kindness and wisdom at no cost, without pollution and with happiness as a result, this is of significance to the environment as a whole.

This reflection by Ajahn Sucitto is from the book, Buddha Nature, Human Nature, (pdf) pp. 64-65.