When Peace Is Worse Than Suffering

Ajahn Sundara

When Peace Is Worse Than Suffering

Perhaps we want to think of nothing, to have no thoughts, just endless bliss and perfect peace. But this is also delusion, only a more subtle form.

Ajahn Chah said that being stuck in peace is a lot worse than being stuck in suffering. When we’re stuck in suffering, at least we know that we want change; at least we know we want to be free from/of it. One of the obstacles on the path of the holy life, the brahmacariya life, is the desire to have a blissful mind; it’s not that difficult to achieve with the strong cultivation of concentration.

In fact, bliss is inherent to the mind itself; it’s not that far away from us. But if we allow ourselves to attach to bliss, then we may forget the Four Noble Truths and the path to liberation. We end up stuck in tranquility, without wisdom.

This reflection by Ajahn Sundara is from the book, Awakening Presence, (pdf) p.45.