The Path as a Guide

Ajahn Sucitto

The Path as a Guide

Having the Path as a guide is something to make full use of.

Do I practise Right View? Do I practise Right Thought? Do I practise Right Speech? Right Action? Right Livelihood? Do I practise Right Effort? Right Mindfulness? Right Collectedness of mind?

This process of systematic enquiry is something that the Buddha encouraged.

Do I hold views that are depressing, that don’t lift me up, that make life seem pointless or frustrating; or do I hold views that make me feel that development is possible, that there is good kamma, and skilful results in time?

This is Right View: rather than demanding to have it all now, is what I do now good or not? What are its results now or in the future?

If you see that you’ve done wrong, can you start to put it right? To acknowledge where one has gone wrong, to try to understand it and then move towards the good is considered a very skilful act in Buddhism. It re-establishes the good heart.

This reflection by Ajahn Sucitto is from the book, Kalyana, (pdf) p. 10.