Timeless and True

Ajaan Fuang Jotiko

Timeless and True

Now, how do you use your powers of observation to get acquainted with the breath? Ask yourself: Do you know the breath yet, or not? Is the breath truly there, or not? If you can’t see whether the breath is true, look further in until it’s clearly there. There’s no trick, no mystery to it. It’s always true, right there. The important thing is whether or not you’re true.

Are you?


Then that’s all there is to it—this little, tiny point. There aren’t a lot of complications. Once that awareness is true, you simply maintain it, maintain that truth, your truth, continually. Keep it constantly in mind, and the developments in the mind will be able to continue developing. They’ll gradually grow stronger, and the mind will grow calm. Just be clear about what you’re doing. Don’t have any doubts. If you can doubt even your own breath, then there are no two ways about it: You’ll doubt everything. No matter what happens, you’ll be uncertain about it. So being true in this way is what will solve the problem of vicikicchā, the Hindrance of uncertainty.

So reflect, ponder, investigate what’s going on inside yourself, as you’re sitting here practicing, to see why the mind isn’t experiencing any peace, why there’s no sense of physical or mental pleasure. Why is it? Why is the mind still restless and distracted? Set your mind on what you’re doing. Don’t let yourself have any doubts. Be straightforward and true in whatever you do, for everything comes down to whether or not you’re true.

This reflection by Ajaan Fuang Jotiko is from the book, Timeless and True, pp. 4-5.