To Do No Wrong Is to Do Nothing

Chao Khun Nararatana Rajamanit

To Do No Wrong Is to Do Nothing

Our mistakes are our best teachers. We should be grateful to ourselves for our mistakes and take cheer in the fact that we have met with a special counselor, our mistakes, in line with the saying, ‘Once burned is twice forewarned.’ We have to act on our own and make our own mistakes. These are our best teachers and our best lessons, so that we will remember and be careful not to repeat them. We can make a fresh start, mindful and uncomplacent. Our past mistakes are a thing of the past, but our special counselors are still with us, ready to whisper their warnings at every instant: ‘Be careful. Don’t be complacent. Don’t repeat that error again.’

Once wrong, remember
to prevent twice wrong in the future.
Thrice wrong and you’d better think carefully,
my friend.
Four times, five, and six —
What forgiveness can there be?

Think carefully and you’ll notice that all scientific researchers, as well as all outstanding teachers of the Dhamma, have without exception overcome the obstacle of their own mistakes countless times.

This reflection by Chao Khun Nararatana Rajamanit is from the book, An Iridescence on the Water, pp. 3-4.