Winter Retreat Teachings Will Be Posted Regularly

Winter Retreat Teachings Will Be Posted Regularly

Although the Abhayagiri monastic community is undergoing a period of retreat, the monastery is still regularly posting teachings online, including morning readings from the Winter Retreat.

On most days during the retreat, a senior monastic will give a Dhamma reflection or reading before the meal. This year, video recordings of those sessions will be posted to the Abhayagiri YouTube channel at 5 AM Pacific Time every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The YouTube playlist for those videos can be found here.

Audio of these sessions will be posted to the website’s 2021 Winter Retreat talks page every Monday, the week after they were published to YouTube.

As normal, evening pujas are still being live-streamed on YouTube every day except for the day after the lunar observance. Recordings of the lunar observance and Saturday night talks continue to be posted regularly to YouTube and the website.

On one final note, videos of the talks and Q&A sessions from the “Awaken to the New Year” online retreat led by Luang Por Pasanno were recently posted. They can be viewed on YouTube or listened to on the website.