Current COVID-19 Precautions

Current COVID-19 Precautions

Abhayagiri is currently open for limited access to the general public. In addition to live streaming Abhayagiri’s evening pujas and Dhamma talks, it is possible for those who wish to visit Abhayagiri but the following health and safety guidelines must be followed.

  • Visitors may go into the Free Distribution Book Room and the Restrooms but should otherwise not enter any of the buildings. When there are visitors with offerings at meal time, then at 10:45am, a senior monk may chant a blessing at meal time in the shaded breezeway outside the Dhamma Hall. Visitors are welcome to walk around the cloister area and sit in the shaded breeze ways as long as they wear masks and maintain six foot social distancing.

  • No registration is required before visiting.

  • Offerings for Abhayagiri are welcome and should be left on the table outside the kitchen.

  • Visitors wishing to participate in evening puja and listen to evening Dhamma talks may sit outside the Dhamma Hall in chairs.