New Audio Book, Retreat Readings & Photo Gallery

New Audio Book, Retreat Readings & Photo Gallery

Audio Available from Indian Pilgrimage

Ajahn Sucitto and Nick Scott spent six months retracing the Buddha’s footsteps through India. Their two books chronicling the pilgrimage are already on the Abhayagiri website in various formats :

Rude Awakenings - Part I -
Great Patient One - Part II -

As an offering during this time of the COVID-19 virus, Ajahn Sucitto and Nick Scott are publishing a free weekly podcast with the audio of these books. The podcast is titled “Where Are You Going” and plans to publish one chapter per week. The books constitute 28 chapters, so the podcast will last for more than 6 months. Each audio chapter will have the map, notes and any photos for that chapter attached to it, so that they can be opened by the listener.

Where Are You Going Podcast -

All Winter Retreat 2020 Readings Have Now Been Posted

All the readings from the 2020 Winter Retreat are now available via the Abhayagiri Website :

Winter to Spring - New Photo Gallery Available

Glimpses of the people, plants and wildlife at Abhayagiri