Luang Por Pasanno Birthday Celebration and Recognition of Chao Khun Title, Sat. Aug. 10th

The celebration for Luang Por Pasanno’s 70th birthday has been rescheduled for Sat. Aug. 10th and will be combined with a recognition ceremony in honor of his new Chao Khun title, which was given to him by the King of Thailand on July 28th.

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Luang Por’s original birthday celebration was to have been on July 27th, but was cancelled due to this invitation from the King. His new title is Tan Chao Khun Phra Raja Bodhividesa (Pali) or Tan Chao Khun Phra Raj Bodhi Videj (Thai), which is considered to be a very high honor, recognizing his many years of commitment and service to the Sangha and his very significant role in helping to establish the Buddhist monastic tradition in the West.

This celebration will not only be an opportunity to recognize this honor and celebrate his 70th birthday, but also to welcome him back after his year away. With his return from this sabbatical, he is taking on his new role as Guiding Elder at Abhayagiri, leaving the abbot duties to co-abbots Ajahn Karunadhammo and Ajahn Nyaniko. Please arrive for the meal offering by 10:30 am. There will be an opportunity to gather with Luang Por at some point after the meal, and there is also planned to be a Dhamma reflection from him at 1 pm.

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