New Buddha image arrives

New Buddha image arrives

The Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery welcomed the arrival of the new Buddha image that will eventually grace the new reception hall. The Buddha image arrived auspiciously on a wan phra (observance day). The shipping truck did experience some difficulty in trying to navigate the narrow and steep Tomki Road, which leads to our upper parking lot. Due mostly to generous help from some neighbors, we were able to get the delivery truck safely to the monastery and unloaded.

Along with the Abhayagiri Buddha image, we also received the new Buddha image for the Portland Friends of the Dhamma, a life size fiberglass image of Ajahn Chah, a medium sized wooden Buddha image, over a hundred boxes of smaller Buddha images, plus close to a hundred boxes of books.

We at Abhayagiri are incredibly grateful. Many people in Thailand helped, in so many ways, to make these offerings possible. We would also like to express our anumodana to Ajahn Achalo for overseeing the creation of the Buddha image, and for his skill and meticulous care in creating the perfect Buddha image for our new reception hall.

We have created a web gallery showing the arrival of the Buddha image and the setting of it up in the temporary shrine. You can view this galley by using this link:

Buddha image arrives