Mindfulness of Breathing Practice & Study Day on August 10

There will be an Ānāpānasati Practice and Study Day on Saturday, August 10. The Dhamma themes to be considered include aging and sickness as well as contemplation of the four elements. The teachers are Ajahn Karunadhammo, Ajahn Nyaniko and Ajahn Cunda. This event is freely offered for the general public and no registration is required. There will be teachings offered and time for meditation and qu…


Summer Events at Abhayagiri

Sat., July 20 - Āsāḷha Pūjā Āsāḷha Pūjā commemorates the Buddha’s first discourse, given to the first five bhikkhus in the Deer Park at Sarnath, near Varanasi. Chanting begins at 7pm followed by a period of silent meditation, taking of the three refuges and eight precepts, and a Dhamma talk given by a senior monk. This will be followed by circumambulation with candles, flowers and incense. Day vis…


Practice & Study Day on June 1st

There will be a Practice and Study on the theme of Mindfulness of Breathing on Saturday, June 1st at Abhayagiri. This day of practice commemorates the 28th Anniversary of Abhayagiri. There will also be reflections on the contemplation of death. The teachers are Luang Por Pasanno, Ajahn Karunadhammo and Ajahn Nyaniko. This event is freely offered for the general public and no registration is requir…

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Lost Something? Piece of Cake

Ajahn Chah

Lost Something? If you understand that good and bad, right and wrong, all lie within you, then you won’t have to go looking for them somewhere else. Just look for them where they arise. If you don’t, it’d be like losing something in one place and then going to look for it in another. If you lose something here, you must look for it here. Even if you don’t find it at first, keep looking where you dropped it. But, usually, you lose it here, then go looking over there. When will you ever find it? Good and bad actions lie within you. One day you’re bound to see it. Just keep looking right here. Pi…

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This Must Be Impermanent: Letting Go of an Illusory World

Ajahn Pasanno

Ajahn Pasanno reflects on the practice of contemplating impermanence as a technique for helping to navigate extreme situations, foster resilience, and develop clarity through the ups and downs of life. This Dhamma talk was offered on July 6, 2024 at Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery.

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