Women's monastic forms
Parent topics: Monastic life, Women in Buddhism
Subtopics: Bhikkhunī, Sīladharā, Mae Chee
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Metta Retreat, Session 3Ajahn Pasanno – Sep. 11, 2008

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7. “Could you talk about opportunities for women who wish to practice in the monastic tradition?” [Women's monastic forms] // [Ajahn Chah lineage] [Sīladharā] [Ayya Tāthalokā] [Culture/West]

Abhayagiri Monastic Retreat 2013, Session 8Ajahn Pasanno – Nov. 30, 2013

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6. “What do you see as the future for women ordaining in Theravada Buddhism?” [Women's monastic forms] [Theravāda]

2014 Thanksgiving Monastic Retreat, Session 7Ajahn Pasanno – Nov. 28, 2014

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4. “Thank you for talking about the nun who got enlightened the other day. Also thanks to Debbie for her talk! As a female myself, I find it inspirational hearing stories about women on the path. Most teachers, well-known disciples, the Buddha himself, were males, so at times I struggled to connect to the teachings. It felt too mind-focused, too “male” (as more women in my view connect through the heart, or at least I do). I see a lot of heart and compassion in the Dhamma now and I am learning more about women in Buddhism. It would be great to hear more stories about them in Dhamma talks and perhaps one day even have a guest nun visit and give a talk. Thank you.” [Women in Buddhism] [Compassion] [Women's monastic forms]

2015 Thanksgiving Monastic Retreat, Session 5Ajahn Pasanno – Nov. 25, 2015

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5. “Could you talk about woman’s ordination (nuns) during the Buddha's time and in modern times?” [Women's monastic forms] [History/Early Buddhism]

Thanksgiving Retreat 2016, Session 7Ajahn Pasanno – Nov. 25, 2016

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19. “What is the latest news re women’s ordination the Thai Forest tradition from upper and lower echelons of the tradition? How would you advise young women seeking ordination in this kind of tradition?” [Women's monastic forms] [Thai Forest Tradition]

Thanksgiving Retreat 2016, Session 8Ajahn Pasanno – Nov. 26, 2016

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17. “Yesterday when you spoke of women’s ordination in California, I thought of the nuns at Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery who left the Thai Forest Tradition to ordain as nuns. As a woman who has felt a strong calling to the monastic life, I feel a painful split in my heart between the love I have for the Thai Forest Tradition that has changed my life, and its seemingly uncompassionate regard for women wishing to live the Holy Life. It leaves me with a profound feeling of hurt and “less-than” mana. I have to believe that the Buddha, who revolutionarily taught against the caste system, would not want me to feel like second class member of the human race when trying to live a life in his example. I have tried bringing self compassion to this felt sense of my heart breaking, but the pain seems to get worse with the association of the teachers of the Thai Forest tradition who showed me the dharma and yet follow this “anti-nun" rule. Would you share some words of healing to help my heart and restore my faith in this tradition that has so profoundly changed my life?” [Women's monastic forms] [Thai Forest Tradition] [Women in Buddhism] [Compassion] [Faith]