Neither-painful-nor-pleasant feeling (adukkhamasukhā vedanā)
Parent topic: Feeling
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Abhayagiri Monastic Retreat 2013, Session 2Ajahn Pasanno – Nov. 24, 2013

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3. “Can you talk about neither-painful-nor-pleasant feelings and the benefits of being with this boringness?” [Neutral feeling] [Mindfulness of feeling]

2014 Thanksgiving Monastic Retreat, Session 1Ajahn Pasanno – Nov. 22, 2014

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9. “How does one work with the vedanā and neutral sensations?” [Mindfulness of feeling] [Feeling] [Neutral feeling]

Abhayagiri 2015 Winter Retreat, Session 22Ajahn Pasanno – Feb. 2, 2015

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6. Comment by Ajahn Ñāṇiko: There is the concern that we practice meditation to make something happen. [Meditation/General advice]

Response by Ajahn Pasanno. [Neutral feeling] [Delusion]

Sutta: MN 44: Cūḷavedalla Sutta, The Small Discourse Giving an Elaboration. [Feeling] [Unwholesome Roots]

Abhayagiri 2015 Winter Retreat, Session 45Ajahn Karuṇadhammo – Mar. 15, 2015

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7. Discussion about neutral feeling and delusion. Led by Beth Steff, Ajahn Pasanno and Ajahn Karuṇadhammo. [Neutral feeling] [Delusion] [Suffering] // [Happiness]

Jhāna: A Practical Approach, Session 3Ajahn Pasanno – Oct. 10, 2015

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21. “When it says neither pleasant nor unpleasant, is this neutral?” [Feeling] [Neutral feeling] [Jhāna] // [Mindfulness] [Pāṭimokkha]

2015 Thanksgiving Monastic Retreat, Session 8Ajahn Pasanno – Nov. 28, 2015

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9. “The Buddha said that vedana is either pleasant, unpleasant, or neither. Contemplating papañca, I noticed that it felt comfortable – familiar and unthreatening. Would a better way to “neither pleasant nor unpleasant” be “comfortable” rather than “neutral?”” [Feeling] [Proliferation] [Neutral feeling]

The Path of Practice, Session 2Ajahn Pasanno – Jun. 16, 2019

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11. Comment: I'm improving my skill at seeing the greed or aversion when there are pleasant or unpleasant feelings, but I often don't see the neutral feeling state so clearly. [Mindfulness of feeling] [Feeling] [Unwholesome Roots] [Neutral feeling] [Delusion] // [Mindfulness of body] [Restlessness and worry] [Fear] [Present moment awareness]

Response by Ajahn Pasanno.

Quote: “That whereby one is a conceiver of the world, a perceiver of the world, that is the world.” — SN 35.116 [Nature of the cosmos] [Proliferation] [Perception]