Ten Fetters (dasa saṃyojanā)
Parent topic: Unskillful qualities
Subtopics: Self-identity view, Doubt, Attachment to rites and rituals, Sensual desire, Ill-will, Craving for material existence, Craving for immaterial existence, Conceit, Ignorance
3 excerpts, 9:57 total duration

Metta Retreat, Session 4Ajahn Pasanno – Sep. 12, 2008

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13. “Is attavādupādāna clinging to sakkāyadiṭṭhi?” [Doctrine-of-self clinging] [Self-identity view] // [Fetters] [Stream entry] [Conceit] [Views]

Abhayagiri Monastic Retreat 2013, Session 3Ajahn Pasanno – Nov. 25, 2013

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13. “What are the 4 stages of Enlightenment? What defilements have the four Noble Beings shed?” [Stages of awakening] [Fetters]

2015 Thanksgiving Monastic Retreat, Session 4Ajahn Pasanno – Nov. 24, 2015

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13. “What is the difference between a fetter and a hindrance?” [Fetters] [Hindrances]