October 10, 2021

Samatha/Vipassana: Two Ends of the Same Stick : Spirit Rock Half Day: Ajahn Karunadhammo

When: 1-5pm, October 10, 2021


Half Day Retreat by Ajahn Karunadhammo led online via Spirit Rock and Zoom

Oct.10, 1pm - 5pm

Samatha (settling/stilling) and vipassana (insight) are often described as two separate meditation practices. However, meditation master Ajahn Chah referred to them as two ends of the same stick: you pick up one, and therefore pick up the other at the same time.

This half-day program will explore how these two qualities can be developed together in our meditation practice. The afternoon will include guided meditation, Dhamma reflections, and time for Q&A.

For more information and to register please see this page : 


No Evening Puja

When: 7-8:10pm, October 10, 2021

Description: There will not be a live stream of evening chanting and meditation this evening because the monastic community will be having a class on the Vinaya (monastic discipline).

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