January 3, 2021

Online Retreat with Luang Por Pasanno Ends at 7am California Time (PST)

Description: Luang Por Pasanno will be teaching an online New Year's retreat from December 31 to January 2nd (January 3rd Malaysia time). The retreat is organized by the Buddhadhamma Foundation and Bandar Utama Buddhist Society which are based in Singapore and Malaysia. The retreat schedule will be based on Malaysia and Singapore time. For those in the USA, please note that the teachings given by Luang Pasanno will generally begin in the early morning or the afternoon.

Please see this News article for the latest information : 
Posted 11/4/2020

No Evening Puja - Jan. 3 - Jan. 5

When: 7-8:10pm, January 3, 2021

Description: There will not be a YouTube live stream of evening chanting and meditation the evenings of January 3, 4 and 5.

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