September 1, 2020

(Virtual)1st Tuesday Event

When: 5-8:15pm, September 1, 2020

Location: Virtual through Zoom


Due to the pandemic, we are now meeting virtually for the First Tuesday event. 

Virtual Tea Time Q&A via Zoom (5:30-6:30PM)

Zoom Meeting ID Number: 983 6467 2092

  • If you have already downloaded the Zoom software on your computer or handheld device, open the application and type in the meeting ID number (no password needed). 

  • If you do not wish to download any software onto your computer (this option may not be available for iPad or smartphones), you can join using your internet browser (e.g. Chrome or Safari). To join the meeting, click on, enter meeting ID number, enter your name, and click "Join."  You can cancel the pop-up window prompting you to download the software and instead use your browser to access the call.  (Note: you will not have the full functionality of the Zoom platform such as the ability to view all the other participants on the call.)  

  • New Users of Zoom – You may join the call as early as 5:15PM to test your microphone and video camera with a fellow participant.  

  • Zoom Tips: See the Tips for Meeting Attendees section of this link. The most basic tips are to keep your microphone on mute unless you're actively speaking (this help to improve sound quality), remove visual distractions in your background (e.g. walking with your cell phone), and place your video camera at eye level with good lighting.  

  • How to Initiate a Question: Wait for a pause in the conversation, bring your hands in añjali (palms together), unmute your microphone and start talking. 

Evening Chanting and Meditation (7:00PM – 8:10PM)*

Abhayagiri has been offering a live stream of the evening session beginning at 7PM via the YouTube Channel. 

*Dhamma talks are generally offered on Saturdays and on the lunar observance days (check the monastery’s calendar).  

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