August 23, 2020

Online Upāsikā Day

Description: Schedule:
12:45pm - Zoom test and laypeople say 'hi' to each other.
1:00pm - Pūja and taking the five precepts.
1:15pm - Guided meditation.
1:45pm - Sutta/Dhamma readings.
2:15pm - Break.
2:30pm - Luang Por Chah reading.
2:45pm - Tips on practicing at home, followed by meditation.
3:15pm - Q&A.
3:45pm - Break.
4:00pm - 5 minute meditation followed by Q&A.
4:45pm - 10 minutes of meditation followed by closing chants.

 More information about Upasika Days can be found here:

No Evening Puja

When: 7-7:30pm, August 23, 2020

Description: Evening chanting and meditation will not be taking place tonight.

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