May 29, 2020

No Alms Round

When: 8-11am, May 29, 2020

Description: As of March 27, 2020, the monks are not going on alms round  due to concerns regarding COVID-19.  

Monastics walk for alms in Ukiah and Redwood Valley starting at 9 a.m. A small group of monks enters Ukiah and walks north on State Street from approximately 9:00-10:30 am accepting offerings of alms food as is the daily custom in Theravada Buddhist countries. They can be met in front of the Safeway grocery store (on the sidewalk along State St.) around 9:15 am, or in Alex Thomas Plaza in the city center around 9:30 am. Another group of monks walks north East Road from the Redwood Valley town center starting at 8:40 am. A third group walks along Tomki Road, through the local Frey Vineyards.

Half Moon Observance

When: 7-9pm, May 29, 2020


Update : As of May 9, 2020, we are currently taking the following precautions due to concerns regarding COVID-19 : 

- The monks are not going on alms round.

- We are asking the general public to abstain from coming to the monastery for the evening chantings, meditations and Dhamma talks. 

However, it is still possible to participate in Evening Puja via Live Stream which is made available on Abhayagiri's YouTube Channel .  

Abhayagiri's Lunar Observance Day

Evening chanting, meditation, taking of the precepts and a Dhamma talk will take place at Abhayagiri from 7:00 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.

The evening continues with a meditation vigil through the night, with sitting and walking meditation as one wishes in half-hour segments. There is an intermission with tea and informal discussion at midnight, then sitting and walking resume until morning chanting at 3:00 a.m.

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