November 20, 2020

Online Thanksgiving Retreat Begins


We are happy to announce that this year our annual Thanksgiving Retreat will be offered live online November 20-29, via Zoom and YouTube. Registration for this event will occur in early October, so please remember to check the website at that time if you are interested.

Here is what the early October registration will entail:

  • Those registered will be asked to commit to the entire retreat.
  • If you register, you will receive a Zoom login ID and password via email a few days before the retreat opens.
  • There will be no registration fee, but we will want to know if you cancel, so we can open up a spot for someone else.
  • Those registered will have the opportunity to participate in daily Q&A with the senior members of the community.
  • Registration will be capped at 275 participants. We encourage you to register early as the retreat might fill up quickly.

If you don’t make the registration, the retreat will be streamed (at least in part) via our YouTube livestream. We hope you will consider joining us for this unique and possibly worldwide event!

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