Thai forest monasteries
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Subtopics: Wat Khao Wongkot, Wat Asokaram, Wat Pah Ban Tat, Wat Suan Mokkh, Wat Burapha
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Metta Retreat, Session 4 – Sep. 12, 2008

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3. “I am hoping to go to the Udon/KhonKaen area in Thailand. Are there temples and teachers there you would recommend for lay practice? Who was the teacher you mentioned who has students stay on themselves as metta objects for so long?” Answered by Ajahn Pasanno. [Thai forest monasteries] [Lay life] [Goodwill] // [Ajahn Mahā Chatchai] [Ajahn Mun] [Ajahn Mahā Boowa] [History/Thai Buddhism]