Right Action (sammā-kammanta)
Parent topic: Eightfold Path
Subtopics: Killing, Stealing, Sexual misconduct
See also: Precepts
2 excerpts, 9:31 total duration

Thanksgiving Retreat 2016, Session 6Ajahn Pasanno – Nov. 24, 2016

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14. ““There is a crack in everything. That’s where the light gets in” Leonard Cohen Lots of cracks out there. Lots of potential for awakenings and wise compassionate action. Do you agree? If so, where do you see the light emerging? In what arenas? Where would you focus your energy if you were not a monk?” [Compassion] [Activism] [Right Action]

Stanford Community Dhamma DiscussionAjahn Pasanno – Apr. 25, 2020

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7. “In what way are qualities and effects viral? Are right perception, right speech, right thought, and right action also viral?” [Media] [Online community] [Perception] [Right View] [Right Speech] [Right Action] // [Abhayagiri] [History/Western Buddhism] [Mindfulness] [Skillful qualities] [Happiness] [Tranquility] [Trust] [Human]